Important Question about Concrete Pavers in plans

Started by maggiethecat, March 25, 2022, 04:19:18 PM

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Hi, I have a question about this:

When the plans call for two 8x16x1 pavers, are they supposed to be beside each other, forming a square, or on top of each other? Thank you!
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I have never used pier blocks and had always concrete the footings.  To answer your question it would depend on the dimensions of the pier blocks.  If they are over 8" width and length then side by side.  If under 8" then doubled up .

Personally I would probably use 4" solid blocks.  They would be less prone to break under weight.  Of course the depth of you footing would have to be increased to compensate .

Just make sure to take care in not disturbing the solid ground under the blocks or tamp solid to avoid them sinking once the structure weight is applied.