885 Sq Ft. Kellys Little House "Colors"

Started by Keliy23, May 16, 2006, 10:12:33 AM

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Hello Everyone, I have another delima.
I do not know what colors to paint my house.
Any suggestions?
I will have a tin roof and I want to stay away from the dark green because that is very popular around here. And I want to stay away from the white extrerior walls. The siding will be hardi-plank and needs to be painted.

Thanks for the suggestions..


What color will your tin roof be? Plain tin or green or another color? I LOVE the look of a country red house, but probably not with a green tin roof.


I have not picked a color for either. The palette attached is of the colored roofs I can choose. I was thinking of making the Roof either the Country Red, Patina Green, maybe the Hawian Blue, Charcoal Gray or the Tan...

See the Delima, I am really unsure and could use some opions...



I've seen some colors on cabins that would have been awful on a big house.  I think you can get away with whatever your favorite is.  It's only paint and you can change it pretty easy if you don't like it.  In fact, 2 or 3 coats to cover the mistakes will make for walls that last a very long time before needing maintenance.  

What I would do (and have done before)...  Pick those bold colors you are a little afraid of.  Get 4 different gallons of whatever tickles your fancy and do one side in each color...  just call it the base coat since you really want 2 good coats anyway.  Live with it for a couple days and whichever your favorite is, go get some more of that and repaint it.   Then you can repeat the process for the trim.

Don't skip the primer.  It dries fast, and will help the paint adhere better and go further and will do wonders to hide a dark color if you are changing to a lighter one.

Good luck!  :)


Go with your heart.....the problem with asking everyones opinion is that you often get lots of different opinions!  It tends to confuse you more!

One person says "you're crazy if you go with a green roof!" and another person says "you're crazy if you don't go with a green roof" and you are no better off than when you started!


If green roofs are very popular, I like the Country Red.  It will stand out as different, but the muted red is much nicer than the Brite Red.


My barn has what is probably country red.  

It might be a good idea to make sure you have house-quality instead of barn-quality roofing.  I understand that sooner or later the latter will leak.

Below that on my barn there are black posts and peeled log walls of the room at the end chinked with lime colored with clay.  I like it.

Galvalume--or a potable water certified coating--might be better if you are planning on catching rainwater.  Although I once had a weasel-worded email from a roofing company--Ooohhh, don't use our enameled roof for rainwater!  Everything we use is perfectly OK, no problems at all, but we're never sure whether our suppliers might have some coating on the sheet stock that might give trouble!!!  ::) )

Mexican pink with slightly rusty corrugated iron doesn't sound bad.   :)   roof wouldn't go with the manufactured siding though.

(they could put on enamel roof colors without doing some really serious cleaning of the sheet?)


We just got our roof delivered the other day.  We chose burgandy and wow...I really like that color now that I see it for real.


Do you live in a hot climate?  I saw a white metal roof (maybe your Ivory or Lightstone) that not only looked good, but I would think would be good choice to deflect heat.  If not white, there's lots of red metal roofs around here that look good...can your roofer give you addresses of properties he's done so you can drive out and look at the different colors on site?


Yes, it is a hot climate here, and I have thought about the lighter colors for the sun. I have been looking at ever metal roofed house as I drive down the roads and I agree that the whiter colored roof looks really nice. I have choosen to go with the Ash Gray... I will post pictures when I get my roof, but I have plenty of time before that happens. Thank you much for your help...