Started by derik, May 02, 2006, 11:27:32 AM

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This project started out as a 10x12 storage shed, but after finding your site I made some adjustments to my own hand drawn plans and made it a cabin with a loft. The cabin is located on 175 acres in the high desert of California and serves as a resting spot for me when I ride dirt bikes and when I build my dream house there someday.

Great site and without it I would be stuck with a shed!


Thanks for posting that, Derik.  Nice to know we're of use to people we haven't even met yet. :)  Welcome to the forum.


Nice little shed/cabin.  Does it get hot or cold inside being in the dessert and all.  Do you have electricity there (generator I'm guessing seeign as you're a long ways out and I see a TV antenna)?  And lastly.... I think I see a trials bike!!!!!!!  And a place to ride it right behind your truck.

Any inside pics?


Nice little cabin, think you may be  up in my neck of the un-woods...recognise that desolate soil and the


I am in the eastern section of San Diego County Ca.  About 70 miles due east of downtown San Diego. The property is butted up against BLM land so I have thousand of acres to ride my trials bike!!

I insulated the cabin really well and it stays comfortable in the winter, it's only May and at 3,300 feet still very cool at night but I expect in the summer I will be putting some large vents in the loft or sleeping downstairs or outside. I think the climate there is almost ideal.

No electricity but will soon have solar for lights and tv for now I have a generator, candles, and lanterns. My next project is a solar shower unit.

Oh and here is a photo of the inside.