Future home of 8x12 cabin/shed

Started by Oran Elrod(Guest), March 18, 2006, 10:56:42 PM

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Oran Elrod(Guest)

I've started clearing the land for where we will build our cabin/shed.  Eventually, we hope to build a real cabin, but one thing at a time.

Here's what it looked like before we started.

Here's what it looks like after a weekend with a brushcutter mower, some loppers, a chainsaw, and a helpful wife.

It will be a slow process and there's so much more to do, but I'll update when the next event happens.


Oops! I forgot to log in, so it put it in under my real name.  I did some maintenance on the computer today and cleaned out all the cookies.  It's ok with me if you know who I am, but since I've posted before I wanted everyone to be able to keep things straight.  So Oran Elrod (guest) and dave423 are the same person.  


No pictures OrenDave!!  :-?
You know we love pictures, try again.



OK, I'm gonna try again.  


Note the little crooked loop of vine on the left side of the picture and you can see that it really is the same area.

(Third times the charm, huh?  I guess because I had them on my computer they showed up for me.)


I can't get to the pictures to do anything with them, Dave -- If they are on your computer, load them to photobucket - start a free account - you can copy them from your computer or a URL.  Yahoo doesn't like to let pictures be posted from them to outside sites.


I know all about that work. Made me give a lot of credit to landscapers and lumberjacks afer all the hard work I did clearing my land. If you plan on building right in that flat area you want to watch out if you get some heavy rains.
Looks like it could flood or swamp real easy but you would know best, I'm just going by the picture.


Actually, the cabin will be up on the hill a little bit further than on the flat part.  It might flood at some time, although we haven't seen that happen in the 40 years my family has owned the land.  Because of the uneven ground, and just because I think it looks cool, we plan to build on a post and pier foundation.