12'x20' Okanogan Cabin... already likely to go 14'x24' or bigger

Started by nailit69, January 25, 2015, 12:08:25 PM

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Here's a couple more pics of the inside without all the braces and the covered porches.

The driveway side... I'm planning on cutting the grade down about 1' which should generate enough material to level off the lower driveway

Looking east...

The view from the "living room"...

Another one...

Ran this poor fella over with my dirtbike... never even saw him.  It was about 930pm when I came back down the road and saw it so I went back at 6am the next morning to take a pic.


What are the dimensions on those loft beams?  I like the look.

Oh and well done.  Things are looking good and it looks like you are enjoying the process as well as working hard.  That view east is killer.


The loft beams (and the floor beams) are 4"x10"x14' with 2"x8" joists @ 16"o.c. spanning about 8'-0".  The floor is stout as hell with no detectable bounce.  I'm super stoked that I didn't have to put posts anywhere inside.

I really have enjoyed every minute of this project, even as difficult as it's been getting things there and the amount of work involved.  I've been a carpenter for almost 30 years and this is the first place i've ever built for myself.

One thing I really like about the area is the incredible views in every direction and around every corner and from every hill/mountain top... I really need a GoPro or something cuz it's impossible to take pics of everything there is to see.


Made it back out to the cabin for a few days to get my place dried in before winter sets in. I just about choked on the price of the roofing... $400 more than i had budgeted but its the GAF Timberline HD 30yr that has a 10yr replacement on material and labor. I have to go back in a few weeks and wrap up a couple of things I didn't have time for but the material is onsite so all i have to do is get there. At least all projects from now on are low priority and i can do as much or as little as I have time for.


Not using metal?  I find Midway Building Supply has excellent prices.


Quote from: OlJarhead on September 29, 2016, 01:51:16 PM
Not using metal?  I find Midway Building Supply has excellent prices.
Couldn't really afford it... $2500 just for material... next time.


Quote from: nailit69 on September 29, 2016, 01:56:21 PM
Couldn't really afford it... $2500 just for material... next time.

Hmmmm seems awfully high!  I spent $570 covering 24 feet by 10'6".....that would put covering a 14x24 cabin around $1k......which is about what I paid if memory serves.

Did you check at Midway?  I'm using 24" Delta Rib


I wanted standing seam... that was the Midway price and i also have 500sq. ft. of covered porches. Comp. will probably be fine for now. When i have a handle on the other priority projects i may go with metal in a few years.


Well... it's almost that time of year again.  Been busy gathering up parts and pieces for the cabin and getting it loaded on the trailer  and ready to go.  Got my water tanks cleaned and the parts to connect it together, ordered a new instant hot water heater and 12v RV pump so we can have hot showers.  Decided to add an old-fashioned hand crank pitcher pump in the makeshift kitchen so we don't have to run the pump to get water.

Also picked up a small solar setup that will probably be adequate for now... its a wimpy 45 watts but if it'll charge a battery enough to run the pump for 10-15 minutes a day a car stereo for a few hours  a day it'll be plenty.

I also salvaged 47- 20' pieces of composite decking from a job a friend is doing... nothing wrong with it... sunfaded but perfect for the cabin.

I'm going to make a trip up north to stockpile it all so i don't have to bring a ton of stuff every time I go. 

Updates and pics coming soon!!!


Long overdue update...

Been a little while since I posted anything new on the hill. I wound up taking a great job back in southern Oregon and have been busy with that and looking for a new place to build down here.

The cabin is coming together nicely and is to a point where we can go without having to bring everything under the sun with us. Perimeter is secure and all the comforts of home are there like heat, gas cooktop, water, shower, toilet, television, solar and wind power, etc..

I got a 8x20 deck and an 8x8 landing and stairs built and used some free Trex I salvaged off a job to cover it, half of my loft floor is framed up and I'll finish it off next time I'm there along with siding, which I'm excited to see go on. I'm also hoping to get my woodstove in as well. I've got all the electrical supplies onsite to wire it for a generator but will probably focus on exterior projects first. We keep moving our fence line out each time we go so maybe in 2 years I'll have that where and how I want it.

The neighbor isn't doing so well and this might be his last year up there... I took a bunch of material and insulation up this year and framed up a 12x16 cabin for him but my dad said he hasn't done anything to it since then. Kind of a bummer, I was starting to like the guy.

My dad is keeper of the keys and is going up a few times a year to keep it up... I'm only going about twice a year but for 10 days at a time usually.

Until next year or I start something down in Oregon... Peace