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Building codes for some states are available in a read only format free online;
(The laws of the land should be carved in stone and set in the town square for all to freely read, but that's the beginning of a rant  ;D)

My state, VA, uses a pretty stock version of the residential code, the IRC.
The 2006 version, which is what most states are using is here;
The tab on the left side of the page downloads chapter by chapter.

On a totally unrelated topic, if there is ever something on your computer screen that you want to save and perhaps print here's one way to do it. The "print screen" key usually upper right on your keyboard copies the image of your screen to your notepad. Open a program like paint and click "edit" then "paste", the image of your screen should appear. You may then save or print that image from there. Here's an example for educational purposes only;

Thanks for the link to a valuable resource, Don_P.  I have elected to make this topic sticky so it may be easily referenced by others.

The link to the Virginia codes, IRC 2006 is especially good. The entire IRC 2006 code is there. The information will be applicable to any area uses the IRC2006. Some areas may not use certain sections, so it is up to the individual to ascertain what is usable and pertinent to their situation. As Don_P noted, it is in a read only format. It is not even possible to highlight and copy sections of text. 

However, it is possible to use a Firefox plugin called Down Them All to download all the pages. Save them to a folder on your computer. Then you can reference them at any time. It is still not possible to print or edit the pages so I don't feel there is any infringement being made, since the same material would be available through an internet connection.

If I am wrong in that estimation then this information should be deleted. Glenn. John. ???

We also have an online link to the IRC2003 located at the address below.

It's the same thing, read only. Seattle specific but the entire code is there. Handy if your locality still uses IRC2003

From Glenn in another topic

Stair Code including Handrails, Winders and Spiral 2003 IRC

16 page PDF

Seattle 2006 IRC code link...


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