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This tutorial was written for the older software version. The possibilities are still there for each member user to make, the look of the page is simply different. You may also want to view the following message in another topic.   

Click here

Please note that a member can not make changes to their user profile until they have posted at least five messages to a topic. Once that is completed, members may make changes to their own profile.

Near the upper left of the Home screen (and others) there is a row of tabs; HOME, HELP, SEARCH, PROFILE, MY MESSAGES, MEMBERS, LOGOUT.

Click on the PROFILE tab to access several forum features.

The screen changes to your Profile Summary.

Click on "Forum Profile Information" The new screen is where you can add or change your Avatar, the little image that represents you in the forums/messages.

You may choose from avatars built in to the forum; "Personalized Picture:".

You may also link to an image located on a remote site such as Photobucket; "I have my own pic:" You would copy the "Direct Link" from the Photobucket album page and paste that in this field.

The third choice is to select "I will upload my own picture:" This would be an image on your own computer. Using the browse button, select the image file.

Using this page you may also enter your "Personal Text". Your Personal Text is what appears under your name beside any messages you have posted. This is a handy place to note where you are located. Sometimes when you ask a question it helps to know where you are located when another member has some advice to offer.

You can also edit your birthday, location, gender, IM addresses, if any of them change after you registered.  :)

The "Signature:" ia where you can add or edit the line that appears on the bottom of all your posted messages.

After making any changes it is imperative to click on the "Change profile" button in the lower right corner of the page.

The next post message will carry on with "Notifications"


Notification allows you to receive Emails notices on topics you decide are important to track. If notification is turned on for a topic you will receive an email at the address on record with the CountryPlans Forum.

Select "Notifications and Email" from the left side menu.

Under the Profile section you may make several choices.
"Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." to elect to receive any notices issued by the forum administrator.
"Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply." to enable emails to be sent out for any topics you select to receive notification.
"Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic." Selecting this will setup a notification response for any topic you reply to. In other words, with this selected, when you respond to a topic, you will receive a notification email when and if someone else responds after you.
"When sending notification of a reply to a topic, send the post in the email (but please don't reply to these emails.)" Selecting this will include the message post in the notification email.

The next field allows for some further choices.

"Nothing at all"  Means what it says. Don't select this if you really want notification emails.
"Moderation only if I started the topic"  Moderation is what happens if you make an off color, inflammatory or denigrating comment. Your post gets altered. Selecting this will have a notification email to you.
"Replies and moderation"   Selecting this gets you a notification email for all replies as well as moderation items. Everything on other words.
"Only replies"  As you might suspect by now this will get you email notifications only for replies to the topic.

Next down the screen is the "Current Topic Notifications" section. This is where the topics that have notification setup will be listed with the newest notification selections at the top of the list. Topics may be deleted by checking the box to the right of the topic and then clicking the "Unsubscribe" button.

Down at page bottom is another notification list. Rather than individual topics this is where entire boards are listed for notification. You select "Board Notification" by first opening the index page for the board. In the upper right area are some more tabs. Click on the "Notify" tab.

The selected notification boards will be displayed...


"Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default." As it states, this will save a copy of eack PM you send in your "outbox"
"Show a popup when you receive new messages?" A popup message will appear when a PM arrives and you are logged in to the CountryPlans Forum. You may have to make adjustments to your browser settings to allow the popups.

You can add members to the "Ignorelist:" if they are annoying you with unwanted PM's.

Selecting the "MY MESSAGES" tab will present a screen like this one...

You can select between the inbox and outbox, or choose to begin a new message.

Don check a reply in your harebrained siding. The send me something from that post.


glenn kangiser:
Great tutorial, Don.  Thanks.  I learned a couple things I hadn't found yet.


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