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Started by brianand, July 10, 2008, 07:30:25 AM

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Hi All,

New to the forums but have been reading on here for ages. A little about myself, I'm British, but I assume you wont hold that against me.  ;) I am currently living and working in Moscow Russia, but would love to eventually move out to the U.S. Not knowing a fantastic amount about specific areas, I am looking for a semi rural area, preferable on the East Coast and within a liveable commute to an International Airport and a Big town or city, and the ocean for finding work and sanity purposes etc... d*

Is this at all possible or not really, especially with the kind of budget I'd have for land. Naturally I want to start building a property and as I said eventually move to the states...green card and everything else permitting in the future...

Any information anyone can give on suitable areas or reliable real estate agents to start my search would be great.

Many thanks


glenn kangiser

QuoteI'm British, but I assume you wont hold that against me.

Not if you won't hold anything against us for being American. rofl 

Much of the world hates us -- at least you are talking to us and we can't jeopardize that.  [rofl2]

w* to the forum, Brian.  Great of you to become a living, talking (typing) person.

Stinkerbell has her own Brit, and is on the West Coast -- don't think she needs another one, but we have a lot of great people on the east coast and they will be glad to help you all they can.

Hope I didn't offend you -- I'm crazy. [crz] ;D
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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the welcome. I am confident you are right about much of the world not being particulary enamoured with the U.S at the moment. Fingers crossed that the nightmare Mr B has dragged you into can be reversed somewhat and sooner rather than later.

I'm over to the U.S in August for 2 weeks, travelling from NYC to Florida, which will give me the opportunity to at least narrow down my search and make some headway into getting some land and eventually the build....


glenn kangiser

We have had some discussion on reasonable east coast land - Hopefully by the time you are ready to come over something will show up. 
"Always work from the general to the specific." J. Raabe

Glenn's Underground Cabin  http://countryplans.com/smf/index.php?topic=151.0

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I spent the last week in  Maine working on my land there...I took some family with me (not sure if that is always a good thing) and we looked at several parcels around your price range...I remember one that was 25 acres and it was around $1000 an acre....I can call my real estate agent for more details I have her number somewhere... I think the land was in Sumner Maine if I remember correctly. It had been logged at some point but it was 20+ years ago and there was decent tree growth on parts of it that were only selectively logged.

I did not go to that parcel and walk it...I walked several others but they were more than $40,000 so I am trying to think of land I saw in your price range.

Sumner is about an hour to Lewiston which is a good sized town with everything you would need...And not much more than an hour from Portland which is the largest city in Maine and has a international airport.

Western Maine has a lot of Medium elevation rolling hills from old worn away mountains. Elevation can get above 4000 feet above sea level but usually lies around 6-800 feet in the western part of the state... the mountain peak beside me is just under 1200 feet I think..and the valley below me is like 800 feet...

Mt Washington dominates the landscape in Western maine as it is only 20-30 miles to the west and it is 6288 feet above sea level...So if you have land that a view to the west you will have spectacular mountain views of mt Washington as it is 2000 feet higher than any other peak within sightrange.

Land is a lot cheaper if you want to live in Aroostook County Maine... or even near the coast close to the New Brunswick Border. I know this only because we researched land extensively before we settled on Western Maine. But you are not close to Portland...Still Bangor is a decent sized town and it has man amenities.

I have spent a huge part of my summers in Maine since I was a child so if you have any more questions about the state I will try to help you...And I can provide you with my real estate agent's number if that will help?

Good hunting


Thanks for all of your great information, I will definately start researching the areas you mentioned ASAP. Still in the U.S, infact I am in Naples as I type, it is very beautiful here, but I really dont think Florida is for me, I would prefer something abit more rugged, and your description of the Mountains is more what I am looking at...

Would you mind to PM me your Real Estate agents web address and number please...




hi ben,

  i would like to hear more about land in maine. $40,000 is going to be about all i can afford also. i hear it is expensive to live in maine though. any thoughts?
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expensive in the sense that it is colder in the winter and heating fuel is expensive. Gasoline is gasoline...Beer is beer. Electricity is high there... but sales tax is in the middle as far as the states go...

Depends on where you are living now if you want to decide if it is too expensive or not?


I had to do some looking.

Here is a great site... I shows many properties on the St Mary's River in Nova Scotia... This river is slow moving wide and deep in many places..Amazing Canoeing and Kayaking...Many people waterski it and use it for their pleasure craft.


You will have to navigate around.. it shows land in several Nova Scotia Counties.

If you want more land in Nova Scotia just ask I have more saved somewhere from when we were trying to buy there a few years back


Benevolence helped influence my purchase decision positively Brian. After her and I chatted, I looked in Oxford County, Maine and eventually put an ad on Uncle Henrys. Found someone who was willing to sell me 10 acres in my price range with seasonally plowed road frontage.

Needless to say, i couldn't be happier.

Take her advice, its very solid.

- BK


BK- where you living in Maine at the time of land purchase or did you move there for the land.
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