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Started by considerations, May 06, 2008, 07:25:20 PM

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I learned something today....something very good. One of my first tasks in the morning is to make coffee. I am spoiled..I like my tiny electric coffee pot. It does not require a lot of wattage. Being off grid this is a good thing. For the last 2 days this tiny pot made the whole house wink off in the middle of brewing. This makes no sense with my new and much larger battery bank. I was pretty worried about why my battery bank was draining so far down after a night when I use so little power. Well..

Enter the wind storm. We had a stalled front with pesky and persistent high winds this last week. I live in a heavily wooded area, except for the pastures...and I have an electric fence. Have to walk the fence anytime a wind storm comes through because of the trees lining the pastures.  Found a 25 foot branch had taken out a section of fence..truely a dead short. Fixed it.

This am my coffee making went off without a hitch.  Conclusion is that a shorted electric fence will drain a  battery bank. I never would have thought that....but I am so releaved that it was not something else..Yippee!


You might give some consideration (no pun intended) to spring for a solar powered electric fence to work independent of your house electric.  Won't keep you from walking the fence after a windstorm but you will have coffee before you do it.   ;)

At Tractor Supply they have a 5 mile solar fence charger on sale for about $130. Free Shipping.


Reasonable suggestion...if it would reliably pack the punch to dissuade a horse with a blanket on. I got lucky with this downed section...it was behind a tree and inaccessible to them. And it takes a few days for them to trust the fence wont bite them before they attempt walkabout. The fence charger I use now doesnt draw much from the battery bank when the fence is clear of shorts but it will wreck your day if it bites you. My first charger out here was solar...but tiny and woefully inadequate. "Learn as I go" seems to be the rule rather than the exception.


The big solar 'fencers' will cause you to say cuss words and tinkle all at the same time if you get hooked up with one.   
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