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Started by daybreakhuntin, March 22, 2008, 09:56:36 PM

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Can you buy land from the Corp of Engineers? Found a nice place that I would like to get, but it is owned by the COE, just wondering????


Off hand I would say not. They are a federal entity just like the Forrest Service. Occassionall they will trade land if it is something they want more than what they have.  There was a couple pieces of land that I am sure the local Ski Resort wanted. They lobbied to the point that a hearing had to be held and it was voted down by DC officials. Others may have a different spin on this but I would say no. They are probably going to plan on a large water containment area. But shucks who knows.  Another strange thing near me. I am in the mountains miles and miles away from any water that could be navigated by even a row boat and the U.S. Navy has a opertions center right in the middle of the mountains. Go figure.


I have serious doubts about buying land from them. But you should probably ask, just in case. But I wouldn't hold my breath while trying to navigate their system and talk to someone who knows.

BTW, none of the federal agencies, FS, BLM, etc. actually own the land; they manage it. You and I own it. Fat lot of difference that makes.  d*   Being in charge of managing the land pretty much gives the total control over it, which ends up a lot owning it.

Like John stated, federal agencies sometimes buy, sell, trade. I think trades are more usual, at least in my part of the west where the National Forests are peppered with little plots of privately owned land.
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The government was never supposed to own land and was supposed to turn it over to the people through things such as patents on mining areas etc. then the people would own the patented land and be able to sell it etc.

Patenting of land can still be done -- they just won't let you do it --- they put a moratorium on it.  Yeah -- you can do it as stated in the founding documents... just not now....ever again.  That is their way of working around the founding father's laws to steal from the citizens.
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We have alot of corp land around here, mostly flood plains. I've never seen them sell any of it. It's treated about like state park land or national forest.  You can hunt on it but that's about all.


There is some exceptions in the NF land that you can apply for special use permit which will allow a designated portions to be used. Sort of like a lease aggreement. Not sure of the restrictions as far as structures.  Maybe a portable knockdown cabin is acceptable w/o septic or wells.