What's for dinner?

Started by Homegrown Tomatoes, October 17, 2007, 04:08:34 PM

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Wow, that's  a pretty good response, and fairly quick, too.  I'm just glad that I can use the stuff again... still haven't figured out why I thought it had msg in it, though.  

We're having stew with beef, chicken, collards, potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, celery, and ??? tonight... otherwise known as "clean out the fridge stew."  MIght make some pumpkin bread or cornbread if I get energetic... might be nice to turn on the oven, as it's pretty chilly.  I'll probably make the pumpkin bread because my kids eat cornbread like it's going out of style.  The two of them can eat a whole skillet of cornbread before dinner's even ready, if they can get away with it. If I do the pumpkin, then we have some left for breakfast, at least.  


Wednesday... wife's night out and I'm not ambitious...

Digiorno frozen pizza.  :-[  

I'm baking it first.


So do you bake it the traditional way, or do you too have a rocket stove?  The stew and pumpkin bread were pretty good... made a big pot of stew and 4-yr-old ate 3 or 4 bowls.  Only had enough left to pack hubby two lunches out of it.


The only rockets around here are a couple of "keepsakes" in the attic from when my son and I were into making and launching rockets. And my neighbors '56 Olds Rocket 88.   ;D:)

... slide it into the preheated oven on a sheet and wait 25 minutes.  :)


Quote4-yr-old ate 3 or 4 bowls

Probably a plastic or glass deficiency, depending on the type of bowl the 4-yr-old has acquired a taste for Homegrown.  I'd have her checked. :-/

I know -- this is getting old. :o :)


 ;D ;D ;D ;D
Homegrown's going to develop some sort of a disorder/syndrome if you keep it up.


I know, but I couldn't resist. :'(

I think I have unwittingly slipped back into my old harass the English teacher ways. :-/

Sorry, Homegrown.  
That will probably turn you into Homegroan,  Bummer -- I'll have to try to see if I can suppress my primal urges. :( :)


Uh-oh! As if the California fires aren't bad enough, 1/3 of the states Avocado trees have been destroyed by the fires. Avocados and Guacamole will be going up in price for a number of years. Unless the Chinese have lots of Avocado trees.


You haven't heard of the New California Tree Roasted Guacamole? :-/

I know -- not funny -- it is a pretty sad situation.  My buddy, Al mentioned that we helped put those houses there.  We installed roll bars, sloper blades and air conditioners on the equipment that destroyed much of the Southern California landscape and made it into housing complexes. back in the late 80's and early 90's.


 ;)I think :-?I'm developing :P some sort :D of tick... It's that >:( Glenn guy :-/ driving me to ;D distraction :o :P.

Seriously, I thought cooking pizza with rocket stoves and garbage can lids was a common practice around here.   ;D


How about this alternative to my previous post about dinner?
My 4-year-old ate three or four bowls of stew... that's a lot of stew for someone barely over three feet tall.


Quote;)I think :-?I'm developing :P some sort :D of tick... It's that >:( Glenn guy :-/ driving me to ;D distraction :o :P.

Seriously, I thought cooking pizza with rocket stoves and garbage can lids was a common practice around here.   ;D

Oh sure - try to change the subject and make me look crazy. :-/

Oh wait a minute -- that's what I'm trying to accomplish here. :)

It is common when the opportunity arises.  I also barbecue steaks in the wood stove, warm my lunch on the turbo-charger of my truck and even considered wrapping a burrito in foil and sticking it in the exhaust pipe -- didn't do the last one though - too much diesel soot. :-/ ;D


QuoteHow about this alternative to my previous post about dinner?
My 4-year-old ate three or four bowls of stew... that's a lot of stew for someone barely over three feet tall.

Ah - much better -- sounds like my old English teacher now. ;D

No room for ambiguity there. ::)


QuoteMust be never a dull moment there on Kangiser's Mountain.  :)

How'd you guess, MtnDon?   :D  

BTW, Homegrown - there's very little I can say that can't be construed another way  ::)(Glenn might even come up with something from what I just wrote!   ;) )


QuoteMust be never a dull moment there on Kangiser's Mountain.  :)

How'd you guess, MtnDon?   :D  

BTW, Homegrown - there's very little I can say that can't be construed another way  ::)(Glenn might even come up with something from what I just wrote!   ;) )

That's why I have such a hard time understanding what you mean sometimes.  My mind automatically analyzes each statement to see if there is the possibility that I may have misunderstood, and the possible ramifications or actions required on my part if I should choose to understand what you said the way you may have meant it , or , if in fact it would be better for me to pretend that the alternative meaning was what I understood it to be and continue on my way in good conscience, fully believing that I was in compliance with your vaguely stated wishes. :)

There-- that should keep them busy for a while. ::) ;D


I should never have mentioned that I used to be an English teacher... setting myself up!  If I'd mentioned teaching math first, then he would have found a way to give me heck about that.  It's paybacks... I had a roommate in college who was an engineering student, and her composition was so poor that when she'd have me proofread for her, I'd end up laughing until I cried over misplaced modifiers and so forth.  The problem with computer forums is that your fingers can type way faster than you can actually consider what you're writing-- it's all so conversational-- and you don't worry about good grammar nearly as much.  Nobody but Glenn will be grading, anyway ;D.

As to sticking a burrito in the tailpipe of your truck, that would assure that everything in it is dead, but how much fuel would your truck consume to warm the darn burrito?  What about parking in the sun and putting the burrito on a piece of black paper in the windshield?  Then you could have a nice burrito "air freshener" for your truck as well.  Last year we were camping and I wrapped some sweet potatoes in foil and threw them in the coals of our campfire.  Unfortunately, my husband piled more wood on the fire and I forgot the sweet potatoes were there... around 11 PM I heard foil ripping open and came out of the tent just in time to see a black bear slurping the mushy potatoes out of the foil.  I was glad he was satisfied with our two sweet potatoes and didn't go looking for anything else.

Well, time for my kids' reading lessons... hopefully I won't warp them forever with my teaching! :P


You covered yourself quite well on that one, Homegrown.  

I think your kids are very fortunate to have you teach them rather than send them to the "state owned child" training center.

Now for the burrito --- I generally throw it on the manifold by the turbo charger when I arrive at the job.  By lunch time it is hot.

Commercially made burritos must be made from all the things that would not be able to be presented in a store if shown in their true form.  I think most of the things that are in them were dead for a very long time before they were assembled.  I only considered the exhaust pipe one day when I forgot to throw them on the manifold.  I finally settled on heating them with the oxy/acetylene torch.  Nice and toasty on the outside - cool in the center. :(

The death that is contained inside of a burrito lingers for hours after they have been consumed. :-/

Grading -- nah -- just looking for opportunities to give you a bad time. :)  ...but I'll give you an "A" on your last composition and "C" on the two previous. ;D


Hey, I worked hard for that A.  

Store-bought burritos are scary.  Who knows what's really in them?  I like the steak burritos we get from the locally owned Polish-Mexican place.  The owners are Polish, and the first time I walked in, I almost turned around and walked back out because everyone but the dish washer in there was white.  Glad we ended up staying, though, as it is the best Mexican food in the area, and they are really nice folks.  (Now they have both a Mexican dish washer and a second cook who is Mexican... however, the Polish guy makes better food.)  It's one of the very few places that we eat out.  They have some of the best chili rellenos I've ever eaten, and their carne asada is really good, too.  I know, heart attack on a plate, but I love 'em.  My husband orders one of the steak burritos, and it is as big as the platter we put the turkey on at Thanksgiving... he eats half of the burrito for that dinner, and then he takes the other half to work for lunch the next day.  Thankfully he doesn't resort to heating it back up in the machine shop or anything, though!  The last time those guys tried to cook something for him, they set off the smoke alarms and the fire department showed up (they put fireworks on a cake to celebrate DH getting his citizenship! ::))  

How do you quote on the forum?  I was going to quote what you said about teaching my kids but wasn't sure how...
Anyway, thanks.  I feel blessed to have the chance to teach them at home... and I am always amazed at how fast they learn when there's one-on-one teaching involved.  Both of them are reading.  My older one is close to a second grade level already, and the little one is maybe midway through first grade reading.  I wouldn't ever put them in the public schools here because I've already had major run-ins with the superintendant.  He wouldn't admit an exchange student we were due to host this fall because we are homeschooling our own kids (does not matter that our kids are not even legally school age yet!!!)  But , that's another soap box for another day... I start seeing red just thinking about it.


Just the thought of wet store bought pre-made food is almost enough to make me ralph.

QuoteHow do you quote on the forum?

There are a few ways to do quotes.  The above was as reading what you want to quote, - right click and slide across it to highlight it -- before you do your reply.  Click copy (to the clipboard) - (that imaginary place that your computer remembers stuff in) then do your reply.  Click about the 12th button on the reply page - top row- the sheet of paper with the blue arrow sticking out to the right of it.  Paste the copied text between the quote tags.

The other way to quote the entire thing is to click the quote button above the message that you want to quote - it will go to the reply page with the entire message dated - labeled and quoted.  You can delete the parts you don't want or edit it as desired.  Just don't erase any of the quote  tags - brackets -etc or it won't quote properly.  

... or paste text you want to quote - to your reply, highlight it there then click the quote button and the quote tags will be applied before and after it.  [quot e]Like this. :)[/quot e]  Spaced it to show the text.

I find many of the school officials are on power trips.  They had a cop there with his hand on his gun when they ordered me to appear for a parent teacher conference because my son had asthma and had missed some school.  Possibly because of a remark I made regarding the example of a local teacher and his boyfriend who decided to dispose of him.  They erected a plaque in his honor.  I was not in agreement with the example he set or them giving him sainthood.  I hope that comment was PC enough.  They ordered me to sign a contract to state that my son would not miss anymore school.  I told them he would do as he always had and be there as much as he could.    I told them to sign the contract themselves - It was not a contract if they forced me to sign it.  I walked out on them -- the cop didn't shoot me in the back.  I guess he was really a chicken. ;D


Pork Loin. Marinated in balsamic vinegar & olive oil for about 5 hrs. (plastic bag, squeeze all air our... saves having to rotate or turn over the meat. Grilled, 10 min on high, turned 3 times, then about 25 min on low to internal temp of 160 F.  Mashed potatoes, salad.


Lets call them Beerocks to avoid confusion, and Mint Chocalate Chip Ice Cream.


QuoteLets call them Beerocks to avoid confusion, and Mint Chocalate Chip Ice Cream.
We have some cross-pollination going on here between the "What's for dinner?" and "Food for thought- Building extreme hunger" threads.   :-/

Beer-rocks they will be  ;D and I'll see how much damage I can do in the next week.


I shall report back here.


It's like --a parallel universe, Don. :)  I thought we should bring the Extreme hunger series up to date also. ::)

It's just that -- like --- I knew we had all been there.  

Anybody else speak a little "valley girl" here? :-?

Looking forward to seeing those Cabbage Rolls, Don. :)


Hey bro. Like, tonight we had awesome megagrilled NY Strip steaks, steamed rice and a corn/peas mix. Sweet! [Steaks with Montreal Steak Seasoning, low sodium version, after marination in my Italian dressing + balsamic vinegar marinade]

I'm fer sure seeing that grill works before hauling it off to the mountains.  :)  ;D

I'll post tomorrow's cop-out dinner tonight... It'll be some way lame highway restaurant food, not sure what/where we'll scarf it. We're getting up like early to drive to Holloman AFB, 235 miles south of here to attend the X-Prize Cup. It'll be tubular. Lunar lander competition and bitchin' AF flyovers.... rad F-22 Raptor, etc. and hella static displays. It should be totally radical dude!




glen, glen glen,

Like OMG, fer sure, like ya know I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Fer sure. It is sooo like radical, ya know? Totalllly.

I am off to go gag myself with a spoon now.