What does SD mean?

Started by Nevada_Mike, March 31, 2005, 10:03:11 PM

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I don't know what that means on the plans. SD in a circle.


OK so you think a Firefighter would know that! I got it.


I believe that is where the map of South Dakota goes in your cabin.   ;D



It's where the Secure Digital card slot goes.  You can download your pictures and the house will replicate them.  It's a great way to make walls and give them color and texture.


Why do I think we're going to be  :-[


Not to restrict the fun definitions here, but if someone hasn't figured this out yet, it is the symbol for a smoke detector.


And thus the point of one of the three most important parts of a planset: a good Legend

The other two being, coordinate system (North arrow), and scale.


and we had this [glb]huge[/glb] clue.

Nevada Mike, the Firefighter, got it!



I am sorry to say the firefighter spent several hours looking for the answer!