Kid clinics at big box stores

Started by youngins, June 09, 2007, 10:36:06 PM

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Both Lowes and Home Depot do kid clinics every month.

Cosette has built a butterfly house, a herb garden and a picture frame holder:

They usually have kid sized aprons which they get to keep.

When we went to the Lowes clinic this morning, they gave us a $10 gift card good for purchases over $25.  Seeing how I needed to pick up screws to finish off securing the OSB as well as new work gloves - it came in real handy.

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Get em young!  That's great & she really has some nice things she created - how fun - might be an idea I could take grandkids to.

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Our little rugrats made these cool planes as the June project at Home Depot. They've also done the butterfly house and herb garden. Home Depot also gives pins for each project the the kids keep on their aprons.
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Great projects kids - and Mommymem - such cute little rascals. :)
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We did the picture frame too. We got kid sized safety goggles as well as the coupon and apron.  :)