Free Plans: Staircase drawers and Stair box

Started by Deana, March 04, 2007, 11:42:27 AM

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In-step drawers turn wasted space into a storage place

This clever step-hugging box collects all that stuff for the next trip up or down the stairs


Thanks for that lead Deana  :D

The staircase drawers is a killer idea for extra storage in a small house.


Neat idea , but where's the stair horse's ?? Code sez 12" OC with a 2 by tread.

Those treads look to be 5/4" thick and the spacing between the horse's carriages is way to far even if you don't have to meet code , those treads would bow under the weight of a 75 LBS child.

So,  neat idea but not a very "good " idea ::)  

[highlight] IT could be a killer idea [/highlight], if say some one down stairs opened a draw and some one upstrairs decided to use the stairs , say carring a basket of laundry down the stairs as well!!! Good way to "get rid of" a spouse / unwanted roommate , etc ;D

 Sorry to be so negative but ......


Interesting point, PEG.  Does that mean 3 stringers (horses) under a 3 foot wide stair with 6" cantilever at each end?  Then it seems that 2x would be overkill but if it's code I guess it's code.  

I guess it would be better in that case to make storage accessible from under the stairs then.


Point taken PEG - You are right, those are TWO BIG questions.

What if instead of sliding drawers you did two hinged doors between the center 2x12 horse? Put the hinges at the top so that gravity closes the hatches. It wouldn't be quite as accessible as a drawer but safer, sturdier and easier to build.

Block in a 1x on top of the tread all the way back to the edge of the horse. This would be the stop for the door (maybe with a magnetic latch). Do a piano hinge or leather hinge at the top.

The question might be "would this be worth the trouble"?


PEG,would 5/4 work if it were nice clear oak or hickory?

No particular plans to do it, just wondering.

(I'm with the people who think that if you must have stairs, they should be as uncluttered--and unclutterable--as possible.  Japanese farmhouses that I've seen pictures of might have had something like that, or the steps lifting up for storage--or a series of drawers and cubbyholes and coming out to the side, what we'd call a tansu.  But no railings.)


Having the stair treads lift sounds like a good compromise over just the drawers.


If you were going downstairs, at least you would pretty automatically kick them down!

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great place to hide valuables. Thanks for the post.



I do like the idea you posted considerations, but they steps look very steep.

John Raabe

Yes, those risers are taller than current codes allow for a full stair (7.75" for an IRC stair), but could be fine for a small loft.

The design concept would work just as well for shallower stairs - with a shallower drawer, of course.

There is the small question of what holds up the stairs when you cut through the 2x12 stair stringers that are normally on either side of the stair supporting the treads and risers.
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As far as the side drawers in the stairs goes.  I'm so new to interior finish work that I'm still just surfing the net and hanging on to things that look like cool ideas, with no knowledge as to the practical considerations.   That is what I like about this forum, I have confidence that I can end up with practical and cost effective solutions, because you all are out there to discuss and share ideas.  I don't think I could do this by myself otherwise.

John Raabe

I want to thank you for the contribution Considerations.  :D

Keep them coming! There are lots of helpful "wood butchers" here who will help figure out how to make these things work. We even have Glenn who knows how to make things out of metal! :o
None of us are as smart as all of us.

glenn kangiser

...and junk. [crz]

The way I see the above stairs working with the drawers is if they carried a plywood piece - maybe 1" thick under the tread behind the top drawer framing -- and continue it all the way to the back for each step, where it could be supported by the back wall.

The stairs with drawers, would still work even if not that steep.
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