Global warming--solutions.

Started by Amanda_931, November 01, 2006, 10:09:25 PM

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I am not arguing in any sense that Kyoto is great...And there is no control over anything in america...It is very broad...they simply want to reduce America cleans up is upto it using more mass transit..Cleaner electrical generation...More efficient vehicles...

There are always all kinds of smaller points to any treaty...But the meat and potatoes is to cut total carbon emissions...As for Unleaded Gasoline...If there had been a specific treaty 20 years ago that all the indutrialized countries signed then Unleaded fuel would have been eliminated in europe 20 years ago instead of only recently...But the point is that they faced criticism from greenpeace and other organizations until they got their shit together and cleaned up the fuel....though to be fair gasoline in Europe is not a huge issue since 50% of all cars are diesel there...

And in America the new stringent rules for Particulates for Diesels are insanely low.. New Diesel cars in America are going to be virtually pollution free...Acid Rain is going to be a thing of the past. The average consumer in America with their cars have cleaned up their act and done their part with emission pumps cat convertors and more efficient cleaner fuels.

But big business is getting a free ride in America...They are building Coal fired electricity plants at a record pace...Fearing that new tough restrictions will eventually come so they are building as many as they can now so as to get them "grandfathered in"...Mr Coal and Me oil are  free to pollute as much as they want to...No restrictions or advancements to control and capture their emissions


Yes it is frustrating when the local factory gets their way and the government looks the other way for a sum of money... But that will occur whether or not America decides to greatly reduce their total carbon emissions.

America can clean up their air even more and reduce their emissions...Choosing to use rail and Boat to move freight instead of a zillion long haul trucks...Will reduce emissions and fuel use dramatically...Large trucks are the second largest air polluter in america...after power generation.

If 6% of america was covered with solar Panels they could provide all of the electricity needs with virtually no pollution or emissions...About the size of new Mexico (sorry don you gotta move ;) ) Point is that Solar, hydro and wind power could provide upto 50% of the electricity needs for america and we could cut the emissions in half...Not to mention reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.


Sassy yes you and I both conserve energy...I looked at the power bill for my wife here at the house and you would likely not believe the bill... We are using like 180 kilowatt hours a month.. I was downright shocked...That was after AC season stopped you understand.. I scrounge heat by saving pallets from going to the landfill...and put them through the rosewood heater in my house.....And we wash our dishes by hand instead of using the machine (we have one)..and so on and so forth...But I have been trying to figure out what a off grid system will cost me and how much power I will need and all of that and I learned that the average american house uses 10,000 KWH a year and my wife and I use something like 2000 KWH...So we do try to conserve as much energy as possible.....

I have done a lot of reading and there are easy to do things that will dramatically eliminate nasty pollution..Like buy recycled paper products...or write a letter to your local politician to force them to allow Hemp to be grown for paper...Pulp and Paper per ton pollute more than any other processed material in America...It takes more energy to make a ton of paper than it does to make a ton of crude oil...And there is more pollution to the water table...Wood needs to be chemically bleached...Where as using hemp for paper does not...It is virtually pollution free as a source of paper... And it would create more jobs growing hemp than not cutting down trees for paper products.. and so on and so forth... So there are solutions and it will not kill the american economy..It will strengthen it... and it will improve the quality of life in America....Better use of our resources means we can do more for less and we all benefit from that.

But we have to sidestep the pharma companies the petroleum companies the coal companies and impliment change that will allow a paradigm shift to occur... As of now they have a stranglehold on our lives controlling society and milking us for as much of our money as humanly possible.

There is a reason Bush does not want to see Oil hit $125 a barrel it is because it will piss us off and innovation will be the driving force of the economy and we will overcome our addiction to oil....And big businesses do not want that at all... they want slow gradual increases that we will accept instead of sudden spikes that piss us off and start us to asking questions as to why we even play this stupid game anyways?

This type of mentality is the same reason that they do not want to be part of Kyoto..because that would mean people would be looking for ways to improve the way we use our resources...They would start looking at new ways to make energy to make paper.. to process metals and minerals...

Think of it like the horse and buggy or the wooden ship... Britain was the world power for centuries without question because of naval supremacy. The day the first Metal Frigate ship set sail that dominance was gone forever and the world was up for grabs... The same kind of thing happened to the horse and buggy manufacturers when cars came along...

Well Mr oil Mr Coal and Mr Paper would all see their dominance over us end and they would have new companies with new products that would replace their companies and products... Sure they could change or buy out whoever comes along...But it is cheaper and easier to get us to close our eyes and continue to pay too much for oil paper drugs etc... Anything that could start a change in the way we do things is a huge threat to them and they do whatever they can to eliminate those threats so business can continue as usual.


Global warming caused by co2 is a complete fraud. This is nothing more than an attempt at controlling energy use by the UN. They want to be able to tell everyone on the planet who can and can't use what energy. Next thing you know they'll try to outlaw my woodstove and force me to use electricity or natural gas for heat so I have to buy it at over inflated price. Some places in the US already have laws banning fireplaces and wood stoves. There are lots of worse pollutants going into the air than co2. Maybe they should focus on something real like the trash problem or the carbon monoxide ozone emmissions that create brown clouds over the cities in the summer. Or better yet all the fertilizers and pestisides that end up in the water from run off. This is classic smoke and mirrors and the whole world has fallen for it.


here's a link to the "white paper" research that was presented in 1996 "Weather as a force multiplier:  Owning the weather by 2025"

  Just an excerpt - black carbon aerial spraying by bodies of water to cause the air to heat & evaporation to occur for rain clouds to form?  What does the black carbon do towards causing increased pollution, global warming  ???

You will know the truth & the truth will set you free


Prince Charles 'Appears' at an Energy Summit

By Andrew C. Revkin

Prince Charles gave a keynote lecture at a summit meeting on advanced energy technologies in Abu Dhabi on Monday — not in the flesh, but as a three-dimensional hologram. By not flying there and back, he avoided adding about 20 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (the carbon cost of flying him and his entourage), according to conference organizers.

At the link there's a video of the summit meeting with Prince Charles there as a hologram...  interesting technology - so who/what else have we seen that wasn't really there?

You will know the truth & the truth will set you free