Want land in Thurston, Pierce, Lewis WA counties.

Started by OlyDoug, September 14, 2006, 02:01:26 PM

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Looking to build a low-cost homestead for my brood of seven.  1-5 acres with southern exposure preferred.  
Will consider any property.


What do you want to pay, and does that include improvements?


That would depend on location, improvements and access  ::).

Utilities and septic (or permittable for).  Well would be a plus!


I searched around Olympia, Elma, Centralia, Lacey, Summit Lake, etc., for about three years before I settled on Lake Cushman.  You will have to check again on www.realtor.com but there was a pocket of very reasonable acreage last year in Belfair--5 acres near the Hood Canal for about $25,000, very underpriced for what you get.  I spent about 1,000 hours talking to everyone, so even though I'm one year out of date, I really learned alot about the area.  Do you need to be near a job or have any other considerations?  Will try to help, but need more info.  By the way, found that most realtors don't deal very much with raw land and are less than ideal as resources.  A couple of them were O.K., though.

Have you posted on Craig's List?


I work an outside sales job based in Tacoma, my bride works in Lacey.  Belfair would be quite a commute for both of us.   We'd both like to move but circumstances prohibit that for now.
Thank for any and all advice.

Does CraigsList work?  

Thanks, OlyDoug


I know lots of people who use it.

By the way, Thurston County has a tax sale, probably in January.  I went to one a couple of years ago.  Get a list right beforehand, check out any interesting properties thoroughly, and GO.  Not many properties actually make it to the auction block, but you never know.  Almost flew out last year for one on Summit Lake.

www.auctionacres.com has had lots of Olympia and Port Townsend area lots for sale--they provide financing, you bid on the down payment.  They had an auction in Seattle in August, usually hold several a year throughout the country.

Gotta go, more later.

I should have bought in Belfair last year--prices are up somewhat.  Maybe I'll go shopping again during my next trip from current home in Florida.


Just becareful, some areas over near Lake Cushman you really don't own. Your just buying the rest of the leased property value. Outside of that it's beautiful country over there. Just a note Mason county has some height restrictions on structures. Also make sure that the property can perk first before you buy it.