google ads from brick and mortar purchases?

Started by Don_P, October 20, 2016, 07:21:18 PM

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A couple of days ago I went into NAPA and bought among other things a can of penetrating oil with the same initials as peanut butter. Paid with a credit card, but not the one I use online. The next time I logged on, there was an ad from that company. I've never seen an online ad for them before. Really? Are we that thoroughly tracked and marketed to now?


Yes I am afraid you are probably in the system of cyber space. Ever google your sign in name.  They know more about where I have been than I do.


Wow!  It does seem that Google knows a lot about what I have already bought or even just looking at online.  I have yet to notice any ads popping up on things I have just thought about though. Phew!

Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Well it has been awhile since I looked but will second the WOW!  5 pages and a lot I have never heard of to include a couple foreign sites.  Nothing is secret.  MtDon I even was included in a site you frequent by you using one of my pictures.  No foul just amazing there is so much cross references.


Apparently... I'm also a rap artist  ;D

I need to take it easier at work, no wonder I'm sore in the morning.


Yes, thoroughly.  :P

But the good news is there's not much of that going on here.


I guess what you're taking abt is Adword. Anytime you search on Internet, those companies track you. They know what you're looking for and put their ad with that word on the show.
The same thing with Facebook. They will suggest you related pages (sponsored ones). Anytime you're online, those companies will know evrything abt you, that's terrible.