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I've begun restoring windows at work. It dawned on me the other day, built in the '20's, its never had sash locks on the windows.

glenn kangiser

The places I have lived never needed locks until the dopers showed up... once dopers or their friends are around, nothing is safe and even locks are little deterrent.   :(
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As I was growing up, my father's tackle box was like a treasure chest.  Look, but do not touch.  On a couple of occasions he sat with me and showed me some of the special stuff in there.  He had lures his parents and others had given him, a compass from his dad, several plugs he had whittled himself, and other irreplaceable treasures along with a nice assortment of current tackle.  When Dad passed, he left me his tackle box.  I brought it with me a couple of times while fishing on the lake where I grew up, and it was nice to have that tackle box to remind me of good times fishing with Dad.

I was staying at my in-laws home and their garage was broken into.  My fishing tackle, along with Dad's tackle box, was stolen.  They caught the perps.  All the things they stole were smashed and/or dumped.  The tackle box was emptied over the side of the bridge, then the box tossed in after.

My brother-in-law was a local police officer.  When he told me what happened to the tackle, he also mentioned that he thought I would know a couple of the people who took it.  He started the sentence to name them and I stopped him.  I didn't want to know.  I may have found some way to express to them how I felt about their actions, and then I would have had to live with that.  There is no way I could have hurt them enough for what they ripped from me.


I don't think cabin thieves are very well liked by the PD in the area Don lives.  A few years ago, a State Officer caught a thief breaking into a cabin red handed in this area, and unfortunately the Officer was shot by the career thief, and died.  There is full memory of this by the local and state police, and courts. The buglers do not take this into account, but I think the area PD is perhaps more attuned to break-ins than otherwise.

It would be interesting to know what the sentences are.

I'm sorry you are going through this Don.

So what is the state of wireless motion activated cams and local network image storage. I'm seeing some affordable stuff on eBay.  Anyone worked up a system like this and willing to share specs?


I'd also be interested in advice on remote sensors and game cams since I have a remote cabin that is empty during the week.  My house was burglarized a couple of years ago.  Apparently DNA testing has made its way into small towns as well as TV.  He cut himself on the broken window and they caught him based on that.  The firearm charge doubled his sentence since he will have to serve both sentences consecutively.  The only comfort I take is he was caught and will serve extra time.


Any update Don?  Might be entertaining to go to the court date. 

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Still a work in progress.................. long drawn out process.  The last news was the prosecuors were waiting on a response for a proposed plea that includes jail time.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Break ins suck. We had one part way thu our build. Needed new deadbolt and handle. Also some jamb work. You can see the pic on my build.. All they took was a case of water. 5 break ins on the same road. All seasonal places. Never caught anybody. Cops figure it was kids. Cops have been a bit more diligent. I have a trail cam up now. Looking to conceal it more. Neighbors said there is a lot of meth in the area. Makes me nervous. Meth heads are crazy.


We're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of our cabin break in.  Last week we got a letter from our county corrections / probation and parole department. They informed us that as a part of his sentence, the leader was ordered to pay restitution. He received a 5 year sentence, probation with ankle bracelet. He is working. We were asked to supply receipts for the stolen and still missing property. I have receipts for almost half, about $1950. We are meeting with the county person in a few days to hand over the list. The official has the power to include items for which we don't have receipts at his discretion. That is why we opted for a face to face meeting rather than just mailing the receipts. Maybe it will help us.

Anyhow, we will happily accept any monies. As we were only one of about three dozen burglaries our share may be small, may be slow in coming. However, at this point I do not know how many other cases were tied to the thief or how many he admitted to. The police never recovered any of our property other than what was recovered when they caught the guy on our ATV with our shotgun. The guy and his friends had developed a very rapid disposal system.

Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Forgot to say that I finally got around to installing a new door. For the last two years we've been making do with a sandwich patch of 1x6 boards. I cut out the badly bent door section and sandwiched the edge. We've used a padlock on a sliding bolt. 

Yesterday I pulled the old door frame out, cleaned up the foamed infill, and installed a new prehung steel door. This time I did not bother with a deadbolt. I was impressed with how sturdy the first deadbolt installation was. It took a lot of effort, time and may have been noisy. In the city it may have made the thieves give up. Out here with only the pine trees watching a deadbolt doesn't make as much sense, now. If there is another break in there should be less damage to repair. That's my theory anyhow.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Yes Don "a lock is only to keep an honest man honest".  If they are otherwise they will get in.

Adam Roby

I still think some electrical fencing strategically placed would be a good route to go.  I'd prefer a crossbow on a hair trigger, but I guess that is extreme for some.  There are just no excuses for thieves, useless pond scum that deserve any punishment they can get.  Gets me so angry...


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Quote from: Adam Roby on September 10, 2018, 08:31:07 PM
I still think some electrical fencing strategically placed would be a good route to go.  I'd prefer a crossbow on a hair trigger, but I guess that is extreme for some.

Oh, I could see going much, much further.