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Started by Redoverfarm, May 08, 2016, 09:22:25 PM

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Lawn mower safety inspections are you kidding?

Starting on June 1, 2016 you have to have your
lawn mower safety inspected in New York.
Any automotive service station currently licensed
for motorcycle, car & truck safety inspections can
inspect your mower. The NYS inspection fee is $10.00

What the state wants checked is:
1. The deck and or blade housing MUST be solid & rust free
2. The blades & shaft have to be in good condition (not bent or wobbly)
3. The wheels and or tires have to have at least .75" of tread on them and
wheel bearings can not have more than .30" of free play
4. The engine must run at less than 85db. sound level
5. Blade brake and safety kill switch MUST function to specification.
6. The operator of the equipment must wear all OSHA approved safety
gear (safety glasses, hearing protection, and proper steel toe safety shoes)

Tickets for violations will be handed out by local law officials, parking law
enforcers & city officials. Each violation carries a $50.00 fine & $30.00 surcharge
on it.

Unpaid tickets will result in the state seizure of your equipment


FALSE   Scary thing is one could believe something like tgis coming down the pike in some places.

But I'm still happy I live in NM and don't have grass to mow.  ;D  Though I wouldn't mind if it did rain a little more.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


There are times when I truly hate the internet.


Most of our Lawn Mowers in TX come from across the border.   

Seems they don't need any type of certification, license, or paperwork  . . .

    . . . said the focus was safety, not filling town coffers with permit money . . .


Bruce & Robbie
MVPA 23824