Vermont 10 x 16 Shed With Loft

Started by rich2Vermont, August 30, 2010, 08:46:56 AM

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Very nice farm house style cabin you've built.

Wondering what roof and porch pitch you used, is the house roof a 12/12 and the porch a 6 or 8/12 pitch maybe?

Great interior layout also, really like the way the steps turned out with the shelf on the back side.


Hey Rich,
I am new to this forum, but I love pretty much everything you've done with your cottage.

I have 2 questions for you. 1. Your sketch up plans do not seem to be accessible any longer. Where can I get a copy now?

2. I am buying a piece of land in Vermont myself, would you consider building an example of your cottage for me? You don't have to provide all the interior finish work, but the shell and porch, etc.

Reply with answers if you're still on this forum. Thanks in advance.


Wow. You guys are so nice. karnf - thanks so much -- again! hobo99 -- yes, the main roof is a 12/12 pitch. The porch, I don't remember offhand, but I think it's 6/12. I'd have to look through my plan drawings to be sure though. If I find them, I'll let you know. Tinycottage -- welcome to the forum! I'll send you a PM with some info to answer your questions.

Thank you all again for your kind comments,



Hi Rich

Just like Tinycottage, I'm new to the forum and I find your project very inspirational.  We bought 2 acres in upstate NY and are looking to start build in the spring 2016 something similar to yours. Would you mind sharing whatever plans do you have in sketch-up?

Once again thank you for the great work and the inspiration you have provided to all of us.


Hi guango88 - I'm so sorry, but I had a devastating computer failure and lost my backup of the plans, along with a lot of other stuff. I may have another backup somewhere, but haven't the time to look right now.

I strongly suggest you look into the Country Plans that support this site, or endeavor to learn Sketchup (lots of youtube videos). Again, my apologies.



Any chance you found the plans for this great cottage? I'd love to build this but I'm not experienced enough to design it on my own. Building permit will require plans as well. If you can find them I'd love to have a copy.


Very awesome place rich2Vermont!

I'm building my 14x24 CountryPlan house right now and you've given me many ideas. I especially
like your 12' walls, the stairs, and the porch. Great work sir!
Click here to see our 20x30 and here to see our 14x24.


Great job on that project.  I love Vermont.  My brother is out there and has sushi nights at acouple different places.  I'm heading out there this summer for his wedding.  Your place looks extra special. Nice work


Thanks Matt. Idaho is pretty nice as well. I got my undergraduate degree up in Moscow. I'd like to get back out there someday, do some hiking and rafting again.


U of I is great my little brother is up there getting his in engineering


Working to replace Photobucket images with identical ones using versions. Maybe that hosting site will stick around. I do like the lack of ads and popups.

Not a whole lot new up at our place. We did get a new puppy to complete our neapolitan of labs:

Still hoping to get a start on a treehouse/bunkhouse this summer, but life seems to be getting in the way. Cheers.

Adam Roby

Cute puppy... its paws are massive, that's gonna be a big dog in a year from now.
We have a 4 year old black lab now, female.  She's out of her mind, but well behaved.


Cute dog.

This is one of my favorite threads on this website.  So glad you are able to replace the pictures.  Thanks for the effort.
Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough,  and I will move the world.



I realize that your posts are from a few years back but I was hoping you could tell me which plan was your inspiration on Countryplans?

I am planning on building a small house very similar to the one you did in Vermont.

Thank you so much for sharing your build with us, I've read it over and over!!

Lisa J., Maine


Hi Lisa, and welcome. There were a number of things that influenced me, some of them other threads on this site. But mostly I had always wanted to build a house and wanted something small, just right for the purpose. Before we bought the land in Vermont, I attended a workshop on building tiny houses ( Over a weekend we framed and mostly sheathed a 14 x 16 house with a loft, and I learned a lot. Once I had the scale of the place, and the location, I spent an absurd amount of time learning and playing with Google Sketchup, and with help from this forum, family, and friends, built our little refuge. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences as well.
Best wishes, Rich


Thank you for the information! I have reached out to Peter King via email to see if and when he will be having another workshop.  I can't wrap my brain around snow loads and codes!!! My learning curve is hugh!.


Mike 870

Sad to say that some of your pictures have been ripped off and are being used as clickbait to get people to go to a shed plans website.  Don't click the link unless you're really curious, I don't want these guys getting any extra traffic.


Thanks Mike, for pointing that out. I've sent the page owners a take down notice and notified Facebook. I've long suspected that there are people out there trying to make money by ripping off building plans, and this seems to be a likely indicator of that. It's also fair warning to all on this forum. I have no qualms about sharing my building plans and photos with like-minded, honest folks. But I have no desire to pad the pockets of people too lazy to do more than surf the web.


Son of a, where I moved all my pictures from PhotoBucket appears to have changed the URL for all the pictures. My apologies to anyone trying to view my build. I'll fix them, at some point.

Mike 870

I have been using IMAGUR, it's awful though, not user friendly at all.  One time I accidentally made my images public and got all sorts of first year engineering students and armchair quarterbacks telling me what I was doing wrong.  (They were not familiar with advanced framing).  And a bevy of all sorts of other hilarious comments. 

Yours is one of my favorite projects on here, it's no wonder the shed plans folks were ripping off your photos.

Mike 870

Oh geez, just saw your 3 labs, you are living my wife's dream right there.  Here's our old senior citicen, she's 14 years 3 months old.  Going strong.


Quote from: rich2Vermont on April 25, 2018, 07:44:44 AMSon of a, where I moved all my pictures from PhotoBucket appears to have changed the URL for all the pictures. My apologies to anyone trying to view my build. I'll fix them, at some point.

Same thing happened to me  >:(, fortunately it's a relatively easy change, it just takes some time. (update them from .org to .cc)


What a great, ol' lab, Mike. She looks great for 14! It is tough when they get old, and there will never be a dog like her, but we keep getting puppies every 4 - 6 years. They each have their own personalities, even beyond the labrador traits. I've been enjoying your videos!

pmichelsen - as you can see, I updated all the .com's to .cc's. What will it be next year?

For all - we recently bought another Vermont property - an 1830's farmhouse on five acres with two small barns. We'll keep our little place, but the new one will be our forever home, eventually. We need to put in some work on it first. If anyone has knowledge of radiant heating see this: . Thanks,


Le Loup de La vesse

Hi John. What a beautiful house. Can i buy your 3D plan?

Adam Roby

Quote from: rich2Vermont on July 07, 2017, 10:35:41 AM
...We did get a new puppy to complete our neapolitan of labs:

I am just wondering how big (and heavy) that puppy has become?
We just adopted a 7 1/2 week old female chocolate lab.  Its a little terror but we're hoping she settles down in 18 months or so.  :)