Maine Mountainside 20 x 32 cabin

Started by MaineRhino, September 30, 2007, 07:09:38 PM

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Nice job Rhino. I originally was going to do the concrete countertops but decided that the marble tile that I used on the floor would probably look more consistant with the flooring.  The dark cabinets break the two up. 


Awesome hand rail and loft railing.  I love the organic look, good imagination to find that railing in a tree as one piece.  I have also tucked away a few trees that will look really cool in the house. 

Nice job.


Looks great!   8)  Love the railing - & good find for the stairway railing!

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Wow. Great read, views, pics and cabin. Nice job!
Love the porch and loft.
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Thanks all!

NorAz, on your profile picture it looks like faces from knots in the wood, very cool. We noticed tons of faces appearing in the walls and ceiling after we applied the coats of poly. Or maybe it was the fumes..........

It's fun to pick them out, especially after we fix a few frozen margaritas.

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Cool. I see Friday the 13th's Jason in your pic there.
Gathering info here on Country Plans while in awe of other members skills.
Goal is to start a small 15x15 in the Spring of 2015.


Looks awesome MaineRhino!

What is left to do on your list?  :)


Build & install two interior doors, one for bathroom and one for pantry.

Floor trim.

Outside stair railings, for insurance purposes.


Finish shed.

And most importantly, build (?) a kitchen countertop.  I'm sure there's more!


I like the color of your siding and trim.  It actually blends with the surroundings and IMO is the right choice for a cabin in the woods.


Thanks Red!  We spent a long time picking out that siding, and the color too!


We really like the look of the cabinets.  We went to lowes and they didn't have any in stock ...maybe a special order. 

How much were they if you don't mind? 
What don't you like about them for permant residence?
Do they have any composite board or is it all wood (even that sides etc)..


Thanks, we were very surprised to find these at Lowes. They are online here.

We paid about $1,600 for all. Like I said earlier, basic custom built cabinets were about twice the price.

The doors and face boards are all solid, and the sides and shelves are particle board. Not knowing much about cabinets, I looked around and spoke with several cabinet makers, and they showed me many features which make for a better cabinet. Things such as better drawer slides, MUCH better woodwork like dovetail drawers, solid drawer bottoms, deeper drawers, solid mounting points, better finishes, etc....    Don't just look at cabinets, speak with the cabinet makers if you can.

We have better cabinets at our home, and we can really tell the difference between a custom made vs. a mass production (made in USA) cabinet.

Here's another view.


Lowe's has some pretty decent cabinets. The ones in our cabin came rom Lowe's.

I have seen some custom cabinets that, in my opinion, were not made any better than those Lowe's cabinets. They just cost more and had a unique appearance.
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Got some great pics last weekend...

Fall is here!

I also set up the trail cam to catch our resident moose. He looks like a young (2 yrs) bull.


Too bad he didn't smile for the camera.   ;D    It's been a lot of years since I've seen a moose. None this far south, but back home in Manitoba there were many.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Spent time at camp doing odds & ends such as building a bathroom door using 2x4's and 1x8 T & G V-match. Heavy, but sturdy! The fun part was finding and making the handles.  Now I need to make a wooden latch....

This handle was a root.

Also installed a grate in the deck at the back door. Dirt falls thru to the ground.

We have also recently been discovered and were required to get a building permit, which first required a plumbing permit, which forced us into building a 32' graywater system. This is the baffle system in the woods. I'll have more pics soon when they finish, hopefully this week.


Too bad about the discovery.   :(   Nice porch deck grate.

Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Making all the comforts of home.  You should have used camoflauge paint.  ;)


   Nice cabin that you are building. Too bad you are now on the Discovery channel.  :-\  Nice pictures  - I live in Northern Wisconsin and only been to 48 of 50 states, Most Canadian Provinces, and most of the EC. For the first year in 4 we made it into the 90's.
   A gas station just north of me used to have about 15 white tail deer in a fenced pen but butchered them all and put them in the freezer. I told the owner that moose would be nice now but got a "no way" response.  ;D ;D If you got a bull moose young and raised it you could ride it. Riding duel going into town on your own moose would probably get you arrested. :-[
   So have a good time finishing your cabin and don't tell any body any thing. ;)


Hey, My project is in the western Maine mountains as well.  We are in Wyman Twp.  Love the views, amazing.  Love the details.  Stay Warm!
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That sucks you got discovered.  Probably feels good to just be legit now though?  Were thinking of putting up some huge gilley nets so if they try looking around in the woods thell have to get by the nets to see us.  Mayby dig some holes with pungee sticks.


Actually, there were no additional fines, just the building and septic permit costs and back taxes for 2 years ($1,200). And the $2,000 for the gray water system.  d*

And the moose returned!

The moose came up the driveway, walked behind the camp and over the newly installed graywater system, then walked back down the drive.


Cool Moose. This past weekend I discovered I had several video segments of a large bull elk near our cabin. I seem to have let the SD card at the cabin though. I thought I'd packed it.  ??? d*
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Amazing what goes on when we're not around....


looking good up there.  I love the fact that your shed is going to be half the size of you cabin, and the sauna a third.  That is awesome!
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