Wildcattin' a 26'x16' in Western Canada

Started by Bobcat Thompson, August 03, 2009, 12:09:35 AM

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Bobcat Thompson

Well folks, it's Bobcat here signing in once again! The camera ran out of batteries and it took a few weeks to finally get around to replacing them but here is our latest progress

The loft framed up, that 2x6 in the left of the photo is a temporary support that we will replace with a log we have drying

Ledger board notch

2x8 rafters, 2x10 ridge, 10/12 pitch with doubled up 2x6 collar ties

the roof is more mellow in the loft

the second loft viewed from the original loft, we are planning on having beds on either side with a gap in the middle
If it ain't run on gasoline, I ain't much interested.


Looking great, Bobcat!  You're moving right along.  How many in your building crew?

Bobcat Thompson

Most days it's just two of us... but the boys will come and help every so often
If it ain't run on gasoline, I ain't much interested.


The steep portion of our roof seen in the last photo is supported by two double color ties made from 2X6 these are spaced 4 feet apart. then we have two 6X10 built up beams that span the cabin these are spaced 8 feet apart and are attached to the ceiling rafters sitting on the top plate these are also going to support a small extra loft. 

does anyone have any structural opinions on this do the rafters do the same job as the ceiling joists were thinking about putting another small collar tie at the top of each rafter pair to create a small attic.

Looking for some of the structural guys to give us some criticism/advice

ellie may

I sure like to see some more pictures of your cabin boys!  [cool]


This is a picture at eye level of our lower loft and you can see where are upper sleeping loft will be.

double color ties

Never got a chance to dance on my subfloor so Ill just have to rock the roof!

roof over hang extended over now

and the back of the cabin we are going to have a large 12 X26 covered deck here. 

Ive kind of started slowing down because I havnt always been sure what to work on lately or how to do things.  Ive been getting a little burnt out.  like others I wasnt sure what to do for my gable over hang so I didnt extand anything out for my barge rafter.  I think Im gonna use corbels to hold it up.  were at about 5000 here but we have the roof matierial and facia trim all bought. I might just roof it like this and take a break for a while. 


Lookin good, Bob.  [cool] 
I know what you mean about not knowing what to work on next.  Once you get the roof sheathed there's so many things to turn to.  Early on, there's one thing to do- frame the floor, frame the walls, frame the roof- it's one goal in front of you.  Now I see literally hundreds of things to do and it makes it difficult to know where to start!  I guess it's just pick a project and go.....

What kind of roof are you planning?



I know where you are coming from with "what to do next". Mine has been 3 years plus and I am still after it.

Generally you start with the bottom and go up leaving the finished flooring til last unless you are using structural flooring. Electrical, plumbing, insulation and wall covering.

It does concern me with leaving the overhang off during the installation of the roof.  Normally the roof surface would be one plane without any seams at the overhang to the edge. Mating up the overhang (soffit or false rafter bay) to the existing roof and still maintaining that level roof line can be tricky to say the least.   


origanly I wanted a metal roof but now Ive decided to go with asphalt shingles it just seams easier. 

Has anyone else put in a ridge vent Im going to put one in but havn't been able to buy one yet. 


Yup, I prefer the shingle over vents, "Shinglevent II" is about the easiest to use. The soft roll out type are pretty easy to get bumpy ridge going. Shingles are easier, safer to work on, don't mar as easily, easier to flash, easier to repair, lower cost.


Thanks for the info don p!  That product looks exactly like what I want the people at my local building center said they would order in whatever I wanted I just didnt really know what I wanted yet


Hi guys!  Your cabin looks great!  I am planning on buiding a one level shed about the same size.  How did you attach your beams to your concrete posts.  I see those metal things in your posts but I can't see how they attach to your beams.  As you can guess I am really early in the planning stages.


I used powder coated 6X6 post holders theirs 2 nail holes in the sides I just put some nails through nothing special I have been kind of planning to drill some bolts through or something. 


Took a break for a while but were back at it.  Were putting a few extra windows then were gonna start siding it.  here's the latest

Finally got are front and back doors in

The front door probably gonna paint it red one day

The french doors!  These took us forever to install it was a bitch to get them to close properly.

Two new window opening. Were gonna ad two more tomorrow

So much better with all this light

anyway thanks for looking, exited to get building again!


View of the backwall

View of the corner I was standing in the last photo
view of the new windows we have added

we picked the boards for the siding. It's cheap 1x10 SPF we spent two hours picking through the crap.  We are going to stain it on both sides then slap it up then batten it.  This stuff was around 40 cents a foot cedar being around 2 bucks for the foot.


Looks great! Looks like it will be an early spring in your part of the country.   :)


Yeah its been great for us the warmest febuary ever.  But bad for the olympics the torch came by my house last night. 


We got some facia up on the front of the cabin

started doing a little roofing so far I like the look of the shingles
we got

these are the boards
were using for siding now
just need to turn these into these

we've got 100 to go


Nice progress. Your siding should look very good.  [cool]


Thanks poppy!  were having great weather and Im planning to make a push to get my roof done but Im gonna have to get the courage to get back up there first. 

Solar Burrito

Great progress, keep the updates coming!

About your siding, what does SPF stand for? I'd love to find  a similar deal in Western Washington. It's so warm out, it's weird!
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SPF usually refers to Spruce, Pine or Fir. They are similar enough they get tossed into a common grading group.

Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Solar I'm sure you will be able to find a similar deal you are very close.  It really isn't as much a deal
being willing search through 1000 boards
for 2 hours.


I finally got a day to go work on my cabin. Bobcat and I got the roof nearly finished, its completely shingled except for the ridge.  I am hoping to put in the ridge vents and finish shingling the ridge on Sunday.  I have to say I kind of liked roofing it was easy on the mind and we got to be in the sun all day 8).  Here are some progress pics. 

you can see here the shingle line isn't that straight but I am still very happy. it was hard to get up there after falling off my roof last year d*.   I cant wait to see it with some siding, we scored four boxes of prime cedar shingles that were going to use for the dormers and Gables above the belly band and the rest will be board in batten. I'm just so sick of it being a big black box.

Budda Monk and I salvaged these fir beams from a cabin we tore down;  They are 3" by 8".  I really want to use them for a covered porch I am planning to build.  The porch is going to be 26 feet long and I wont be able to get 16 of them because they are going to a few different places.  Does anyone have any opinions on running the as rafters 4 feet on center then sheathing over with 2X10  there will be a moderate snow load as this part of the roof will have a very low pitch.  I just really want to use these they will look awesome after there cleaned up and sanded so I'm looking for some cool ideas.