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John Raabe:
When writing a long post, it is a good idea to go ahead and post a rough draft and then modify this post as you rework it, spell check or add to it. (Click the Modify button in the upper right hand area of your post when you view it.)

I have not done this in the past. Occasionally, while writing a post, I've hit the wrong tab or mouse button and then I've lost all my work before it was posted. Agggrrr...

It is very easy to modify your posts at any time so use this tool often. It is a valuable insurance program.

glenn kangiser:
Welcome to the club-- I have done the same thing--hit some key and everything is gone --sometimes I just re-write a very short version of all the junk I was going to post.  Then everybody breathes a sigh of relief. ;D

Is there a spell check , on this forum ,, a icon I don't know what it means ?  Other than the one in my desk draw??? :(  Very poor speller here , any easy help would be nice . HTBH ;)PEG


Thats good advise. I do that especially when I am on my laptop always seem to some how click something on my touch pad that sends in back a page and I lose everything.

Actually I think I'm with Glen--the posts after I've lost everything are much more concise.  ::)

The best I can say on spelling, typos, and the like is that looking at one's message in different type sometimes makes mistakes almost as obvious as if they were in[glb]glow[/glb]

I once wrote a story, handed it to someone to read, and to my horror she edited it instead--saw all the double spaces that should have been single, a couple of typos--the kind that spell-check doesn't catch, repeated words.  The page that I had thought was perfect to start with was well and truly marked up.  After all that stopped bothering her, then I think she read it as a story.  

The moral is--for an important project you do need an editor, you cannot do it for yourself.  But a change of type helps a bit.


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