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Really appropriate.  I was just going to post that I just upgraded to Firefox 2.0 and a spell checker mysteriously appeared in my browser underlining in red and right click brings up alternatives.  Part of the browser?  I don't know. :-/

Update: It is a new feature - checked it here.

The new tabbed browsing is a bit of a pain - now I can't open 26 tabs at once and see them all without going to a drop down menu to get to the one I want.  only 8 tabs show at a time.

Bummer, Glenn.  Lots and lots of windows open is fun.

Google desktop has an only slightly clunky spell-check.

but it really is annoying that Compac, at least, has given up on the free spell-check for Microsoft Works and Outlook Express.  Because the Google one doesn't work on email or word processing.

For those of us who still use windows.

It was faster with all the tabs there even if you couldn't see full names.  They were always in order and you could go exactly where you wanted to immediately, but now they move and are not all showing so there is not a quick way to get anywhere except by opening the drop down menu.  Hopefully I will find a fix for this.

There is another spell checker that works following you keystrokes - works in anything.

Tinyspell -- it works pretty good.  Comes free and almost free - pick your flavor.

The width of your screen is the limitation.  You can get some additional tabs if you download faviconize which will only show the favicon in the tab to save space.  I haven't mucked around too much with Firefox 2 yet.


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