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02 - Where Can I Find Copies of The IRC?

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Many public libraries have reference copies of the codes applicable to the local area.

Online: Have a look at the Country Plans Referral Links section, specifically

EDIT. A member has brought this to our attention....

"An update on the availability of the IRC and other codes online: the cyberregs URL now points to the ICC web site and defaults to their premium access page.  There is public access to the codes here:

You can select an individual state or go to the I-Codes section to see the IRC, IBC, and all the other code documents established by the International Code Council."

Here, this may save a few clicks

This is a downloadable PDF file.  State specific to Minnesota, but still very much applicable to many other places. All the basic material should be much the same anywhere. It gives us a common document to refer to.

Direct link to document  (IRC 2006)

Link to an index of many FTP code files.

Just a note: The IRC 2009 for Washington State is available online at

It is one of the many available at   (listed above.)

All the codes listed at can be saved to ones computer. They are also printable and it is possible to copy from them. Keep that in mind; we could all print out various tables of information for reference. Pack the nailing schedule, for example, in ones tool box when heading for the project site.

I found the 2012 IBC available for download here:
and the 2012 IRC here:

Printing it was the hard part. Even at 2 pages a sheet and double-sided they still used up all my toner. I keep them in binders (2 per code book because they are massive) with sheet protectors so I will never have to print them again. But I've spent so many hours reading them it was definitely worth it to have them portable.

Many state specific versions are free online.
Just click on the version for your state.


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