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photo bucket.......bucked

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well there goes my whole online presence, every thread, post pic I've posted over the last 17 years.........gone

pay me and I'll turn them back on....Photo bucket has become ransom ware !

Me too. I frequent a flaslight forum... Many folks there are using for forum images.

Am I understanding this right? PhotoBucket is now charging a $399 per year subscription fee to hotlink content? I think PhotoBucket just committed suicide, but that is little console for the amount of content lost. Truly a disaster.

Makes me feel a fool for putting stock in any 'free' online image storage. Guilty of using Facebook to store a lot. The same could be said about Google, Imgur, or any other free or near free commercial cloud storage.

Interesting read:

Five of the top nine threads in the General Forum are affected, as a sample.

Yuppers- all of the threads I've posted all over the net are now pictureless. Not gonna pay $400 ransom, so they can take their business elsewhere. Too bad; a lot of people enjoyed looking at build threads. I back up all my pics anyhow, so I'm not out anything.


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