East Texas 16x24 2 Story 2 Bedroom

Started by bgoodman, February 10, 2014, 02:17:17 PM

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First, Some back story.

Back in 2010, I purchased a small (30'x70') lot in a lake community on Lake Palestine, here in Texas.  Plan back then was to build a small one room cottage with a loft, however, that wasn't really practical on such a small lot.  Fast forward to late 2012 - We're extremely frustrated with the condo we owned in Dallas, and we decide to clear the single lot, and move a 25' fifth wheel onto the property to be our home.  We moved into the trailer in February of 2013, and we've been here for right at a year now.

After awhile, we've grown to enjoy the quietness the property allows us - even though we're only a mile or so from town.

Anyhow, in November 2013, we purchased two adjoining 30'x70' lots, giving us a total of 90' x 70'.

When I started clearing in November 2012, I started with this:

After entirely too much time with a chainsaw, and an absolute ton of help it started looking more like this

The wife and I have been throwing house plans back and forth for years, and after figuring out our main requirements, I came up with the below design-

First Floor

Second Floor

At this point, I'm just looking for suggestions and comments on our proposed layout.  I know this is a relatively small house, but after living in this fifth wheel, I have a feeling that this will feel huge to us.


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Welcome to the forum, Bobby.

You might want to reconsider two full bathrooms for such a small house. I would think a half bath on the main floor would be sufficient. You'd get a couple extra square feet for the living area. Aside from the bathrooms, I think your plans look great.

Any timeline for starting you project?
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Looks great. Only changes I would offer is put a door on the first floor under the staircase.... Free storage closet (other then the cost of the door) and change the second floor tub to a shower and put a small closet 3 wide x 2 deep in the space saved from going to a shower stall. This closet would be used to service the 2nd bedroom, eliminating the need for a closet on the dividing wall.


I've thought about eliminating the second full bath, but it's something that is one of the wife's requirements - as we work opposing schedules.  The downstairs bath will actually have a large shower stall, I hadn't changed the drawing to reflect that.

Underneath the stairs is actually where my washer & dryer will be located. I had thought about leaving them in the shed, but we're had far too much freezing weather this year for that to be a practical solution.  I know the space is tight, but we are planning to purchase front loading machines very soon.

The 'spare' (left hand) bedroom upstairs will likely be built without the closet, with an armoire or wardrobe instead. 

Timeline to start building is very soon, I was hoping to have my slab poured by the end of this month, but so far the weather has prevented me from getting much done.  I have some vacation time coming up in April, and I'd like to be well into the framing stage at that point.

Bottom line is - We're not spending another winter in this RV - It costs entirely too much to heat using propane, and it's very hard to keep it a comfortable temperature.


Might want a closet on thei first floor for coats, boots, vaccum cleaner

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Good suggestion kenhill. There might be room at the left hand side of the laundry. Move the window to the left.

It is a tight home in 16' of width, but, as mentioned, it is spacious compared to an RV. Still, you might want to consider an 18' width (or even 20') which wouldn't add much to the cost.
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I really like the layout!  I like it so much I'm holding on to it for a future build for my young kids.  The only thing to change would be the closet downstairs.  Also, make sure you have a plan for when you want to add on a future 1st floor addition.  Put in a window but frame it for a door!  You never know what the future holds. 

We are over just south of Rusk.

What 3D program are you using.  I really like the framing detail. 



Funnily enough, I do have a 16x16 bedroom/bathroom addition planned for the future. I figure within 5 years or so of completing the main house.

The 3d Model is drawn in SketchUp.  I made a bunch of components, and modified it from there.

I haven't drawn the roof rafters yet - but you get the idea.


Sorry for the extra post -after considering some of the thoughts, I came up with another idea for the first floor layout

I gain a nice size closet, and I don't have the 'dead' space that I did before.  I could actually change the bathroom entry door to enter into the laundry area. 

John Raabe

Good evolution with better use of space.
None of us are as smart as all of us.


I was wondering where you were going to put your television in the old layout. Looks like there's a place for it on the laundry room wall now.


Great Floor plan.  Have you thought about a back door through the laundry sometimes you can find them on the cheap from crags list. Just a thought. [cool]


Quote from: mwhutch on February 16, 2014, 11:41:41 AM
Great Floor plan.  Have you thought about a back door through the laundry sometimes you can find them on the cheap from crags list. Just a thought. [cool]

That's what I was thinking.....mud rooms are nice to have. Maybe push the w/d back under the stairs for a little more entryway. And your upstairs bedroom is just beggin' for a walk-out balcony.....
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yep, I would take the doorway out of the wall between the living and laundry room.  Just have that as a hall way.  The washer and dryer can be behind folding closet doors or a curtain.  Then put a back door out of the laundry room.  Also, THAT is where I would add on later.  I would put a 12 x 24 addition on with a shed roof.  You could turn that 12x24 into a master suite or two bedrooms.  Lots of options.  then again, I have a bunch of kids so I'm always looking into how to add bedrooms.  HA!


This plan got me thinking. This is what i'd do.