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Started by Adam Roby, April 05, 2017, 05:08:02 PM

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Adam Roby

I purchased my Dewalt some 10 years ago and it was a refurbished commercial grade drill.  It has been my go to drill for all these years, and I've been very impressed by its ability to keep its charge, and the power it had.

Recently, it started to die on me.  I'll charge it, use it no problem, come back to it the week after and its almost dead - just enough power to turn and remove the bit that was in it.  I can charge and use it again, but I think its just a matter of time before it goes bye bye.

There is a Bosch 18V Li-ion 1/2" drill that comes with 2 batteries, charger and case selling at my local HW store for 50% off.
I am just wondering if anyone has had an experience with these, if they are considered anywhere near the same quality as a Dewalt or if I should just try to find a replacement battery for my current drill rather that buying new.

Thanks for any advice,


My opinion is that if you can return the broken Bosch drill (while still under warranty) to the store you bought it at, and immediately walk out with a working drill then that's the one you want. If you have to do things through the mail and on the phone you may or may not ever get your drill fixed.

Beyond that, I don't think brands matter at all. I think they're all made in the same factory, wherever that is. If I wasn't stuck with my red ones I would buy the Kobalt brand because Lowe's is 20 minutes from me, has good customer service, and it's a face to face conversation. They also started offering 24v, which the extra kick would be nice.

Brand aside, I think the packs with a drill + impact are worth the extra. Aside from actually predrilling holes, the impact is the better, easier, faster thing to use most of the time. Also the main advantage of name brand may just be that you can mix your batteries with other tools if you decide to expand. Not cheap.


I receive a magazine called Fine Homebuilding.  They frequently do tool test comparisons.  It's pretty rare for a DeWalt to top a Bosch in their tests.  My tools are primarily Bosch and Milwaukee; they are fine tools.  I'd be all over that Bosch at any discount, much less 50%, especially if you are not a professional user.


Big fan of the 12v and 18v Bosch tools. Have held up very well for me.


I have the Bosch 3/8 18V LiIon drill and would recommend Bosch.  My only beef is that the one I have doesn't have enough torque for really sinking screws in wood or heavy use purposes - but it is great for sheetrock and just about anything else.  They make different models and be sure you get one with enough torque for your purposes.   

glenn kangiser

I've been using Bosch Roto hammers for years after my son's beat my Makita, though I think my bit was dull.  Bosch is great I think.

I quit DeWalt (Black and Decker commercial line) after so much trouble with my ni-cad battery 18v ones always dead and short charge life.  I went to Makita for 18v 1/2 inch impact with 325 ft lbs torque and stuck with their 18v line for it's superior quality.  I installed thousands of 5/8 x 6" lag bolts with the Makita 18v impact and never wore it out. Also I kept breaking the ends off of the corded DeWalt 1/2" impacts and repair cost was near as much as new. 

I have only burned out 1 Makita 18v drill out of around 20 18v Makita tools I own.  All are highly abused.  :)
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Adam Roby

I wound up getting the Bosch.  I went to use my DeWalt and it was completely dead, got fed up and went to the store to see what specials were on because money is a bit tight right now.  It was selling for $100 (I needed the drill and not the impact because I have holes to drill as well and needs the RPM).  Same money was getting me the no-name box store brands and I figured why not.  Charged it Friday night to bring with me yesterday. 

Well, we got to the cottage and I reached to the back of the Jeep for my trusty bag of tools... and of course I forgot it at home. 
So instead of a work day, we enjoyed the warmer weather and sun, walked around the lake... etc.  Still about 3-4 feet of snow up there in the mountains, and its all gone to much so can't walk on top of it anymore so had to stick to the roads. 

I'll report back once I've actually used the drill.... sigh.

glenn kangiser

Dang it.  I hate it when that happens. [ouch]

You will be happy with the Bosch I think.  I have a nice Bosch Laser also.  2 of the large Bosch Roto Hammer/Demolition hammer and one Roto Hammer without demolition mode.  All are good.

I stay away from nearly all DeWalt (Glorified Black and Decker) after my past bad experiences with many of their tools.  Makita has treated me way better and I always abuse my tools. :)
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I haven't bought a bad Bosch tool yet- or Milwaukee, which is my cordless line-up. I've noticed that cordless tools keep advancing, and each 'generation' is a surprising advancement.

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glenn kangiser

I agree on Bosch and Milwaukee.  I did burn out a corded 4.5 inch Makita Grinder abusing it so badly I don't blame it.  I bought the 4.5" Milwaukee grinder as a replacement due to even higher motor amps indicating a possibility of abusing it even more without failure.  True to my calculations, it is a great grinder and I have not burned it out yet. :)

I was grinding out oversized welds by others for several days, and getting paid for it.  I couldn't use a big grinder for a lot of the work.
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