Re: Sq. foot Costs of Universal 2 Story house?

Started by Jimmy_Cason, April 27, 2006, 07:50:52 AM

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I just bought $800.00  worth of windows for the upstairs so add that to the list..

Because of Katrina my costs are about 30% more for lumber than a year ago when I first started pricing the materials. I am sure they will go down now that I have bought all my framing lumber.

My cost update:
Pier and beam and joists----------------------------------------$2300.00
1-1/8" t&g sub floor--------------------------------------------  $1200.00
first floor sheathing and walls . Joists for the second floor.  $2400.00
Second floor-Sub floor  3/4" t&g plywood.----------------------$850.00
Stairway, second floor walls, rafters collar tie beams,
#30 felt, side sheathing and roof sheathing.-----------------$4250.00
Windows on the first floor   $650.00
front door $189.00
back door $149.00
french door     $295.00
windows for the upstairs  $800.00



Dont forget to add pic as you go.

I just bought the plan last night and plan to build next spring.


Got some of the Electrical box and pedastal aslo the perk holes, if you wanna see those things ;)


Why don't you think up a title with the size and identification as yours in the description and start an new topic in the owner builder projects section.  You can log your progress there and it is a great place to invite your friends to when they ask how your project is coming along.

So come on , StinkerBell -- let's get started. :)