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Started by stagalv, December 06, 2004, 05:32:00 PM

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In my 12x16' cabin I have a Dearborn propane heater.  The propane tank is outside and a gas line runs through the wall to the heater.  It is a really nice, 20,000BTU heater and works great.

I am wondering about sleeping with a heater like this on.  I know that carbon monoxide poisoning is a big concern.  

As long as all lines are safely connected with no leaks is it ok to sleep with this on all night?  I do have a carbon monoxide detector and there is a 16' wide ridge vent on the roof.

Thoughts?  Is it way too unsafe?

Ray N

 I just put a propane heater in the basement of my vacation home.   I went the Direct Vent route where combusion air and exhaust are expelled to the outside.  I did however look into the "ventless" ones which I guess you have.

Things I remember:

--- some states it is not allowed in a sleeping area. Even though it may be approved for Bedroom use by somebody.

--- "blue flame" units are sold lots of places for ventless indoor heat.

--- people have died by doing stupid propane stuff like bbqing indoors,  wher they weren't even asleep or using it for a long period of time.

--- A carbon monixide detector isn't a bad idea no matter where or what system you have.

So I think you have reason for concern especially in a small space.  Check with the manufacturer, insulate to reduce its use, add a small wood stove for "over night heat" all come to mind.


I used to manage some rental property with them in them and have come not to trust the detectors whatsoever.  I strongly discourage sleeping while using this type of heat- the problem while sleeping is you might not realize your being poisoned until it is to late.


I've used portable propane and kerosine heaters in houses in Nashville and a propane heater here.   All very leaky situations--not just conduction.  No problems.  Although with cats and dogs inside, I don't leave them on when I'm not in and awake.

But my neighbors up the hill tried to heat their house with a big 5-plaque heater (radiant, not blue flame) and ended up taking it out.  


Their floors stayed wet.  When the products of combustion are CO(2 we hope) and water, and you are elderly and want the place REALLY VERY WARM, then there's just too much water being produced and staying in the house.  Of course they may not have had much insulation under the house.

I've no idea if they could have heated to 68 degrees instead of 78 degrees without problems.


Takes air from outside and returns exhaust air back outside using coaxial flue. Optional 12 V fan (included - the option is using or not using it). CO safety shutoff. Available in "small" and "large" (BTU's) sizes.

Current price, about $775 for the small one; about $100 more for teh bigger one. Includes stove, flue, backing plate.



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