100 or 200 Amp?

Started by retiredmarine, November 24, 2018, 07:41:28 PM

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The BO explained to me that rule is for firefighters. If there is not an exterior disconnect the panel is directly behind the meter base. Each jurisdiction/ power company can have its own rules though.


Quote from: Redoverfarm on January 19, 2019, 08:09:57 PM
You should be able to run a 100 amp disconnect off of your 200 amp disconnect then to a 100 amp panel in your shop ( which can then run your shop and well) . Then continue from your 200 amp disconnect to your house 200 amp panel. The 100 amp disconnect will only allow 100 amps for your shop.

I think it is confusing referring to disconnects and panels.  The disconnect cuts the compete voltage to a main breaker panel. Then a main breaker panel has an additional breaker of the same voltage as the disconnect.  I reread a previous post in which you stated the electric company was going to install a 200 amp main panel. They are probably going to put a 200 amp disconnect below the meter. You would come out of that to feed your 200 amp main panel in the house. That way you would not disrupt every circuit to work on something is a particular circuit. 

The disconnects are a safety feature so that in an emergency your complete power can be shut down by the fire department without having to enter and find your main panel box.

I get the confusion using disconnect and panel interchangeably. So let me do this from the beginning and see if we're on the same page.  The elec company is going to put in a 200 amp service with a meter and disconnect. Because the elec and well will be installed before the house I'm adding the 30 amp breaker to that box along with a 20 amp breaker for a few 110 outdoor outlets at the base of the disconnect. Then when the house, the next structure to be built, is ready I'll run power to the house (I'm guessing 200 amps). then when the shop is complete, later, I'll but in a 100 amp breaker under the disconnect in the elec company supplied box and run it to the shop.  So the lines from the elec company provided disconnect box will supply the house (200 amp) and the shop (100 amp) two lines run at two different times.  Are we all saying the same thing?


That sounds a little better. I would check with the power company and make sure what they will be  installing. Generally it will be a 200 amp disconnect with maybe one breaker and no additional spaces for additional breakers. You may have to come off of their disconnect with your additional 100 amp disconnect. Then you will need to come off of that for your well & 120 outlets. Is your shop going to be built first before the residence?


Good.  I'll double check but I'm pretty sure I remember correctly. They suggested that I place my well breaker and a temporary breaker for construction in the box they place. The house will be built first then the shop. I'll trench to the house then after the shop goes up I'll trench from the electric company disconnect to it.  If all that's right then next question. The electric company's box will not be grounded I assume so I'll be doing that out of the sub panel in the house. Correct? Does that mean the sub panel in the house should be bonded?