Author Topic: 18x28 2-story Northern wisc.  (Read 37915 times)

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Re: 18x28 2-story Northern wisc.
« Reply #100 on: January 05, 2017, 06:34:44 PM »
well here's another update, weather has turned cold again here with some snow to help slow things down but we did manage to get started on clearing for the future shop and Id like to think I learned a little from the first major clearing and this time we burned the brush as we cut we split as much as we could and I stacked and covered the logs we didn't have time to split so hopefully the majority will be usable firewood.We hauled the boiler into the basement thankfully it only weighed 700 lbs otherwise it might have been an issue,LOL!I got a little more insulating done in the kitchen and first floor bedroom I ran all of the radiant heat lines for the second floor,That job is not nearly as fun as it sounds!The chimney is framed in on the first floor and we found an area to add a pantry now.I built a couple cabinets that were not available through menards and the kitchen is moving along nicely.