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Started by Ray_N, December 29, 2004, 01:35:08 PM

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An old Sunset book was recommeneded on this board the title is "Cabins and Cottages".  I found one on a local library and its good reading.

One chapter talks about adding modern amenities, one thing is recommends is the "driven-well",  basically its a pointed rod with perforations along the side.   You cover with a cap and sledge hammer into the ground,  when the top is close to ground level you take off the cap.  Then screw on a section of pipe, non perforated, and put the cap on it,  bang that into the ground.  Continue the process with testing for water every so often.

You hook up a hand pump, like in the old time movies,  and you have water.

I've done a couple searches and had only one hit  DeanBennett sells a kit labeled the Y2k water kit.  The pointed perforated pipe with 50 feet of additional section and drive cap is about $400,  the hand pump they sell priced at $650.

I'm sure there are other places to get this also,  has anyone tried this and have links or feedback?


I assume the the pump is a pitcher pump most of them will only lift water 20 to 25 feet. There a lot of other places to get parts, your local hardware store or plumbing supply will likely have what you need. If you get a point make sure you get heavy duty couplers and a driving cap. Regular couplers and caps will break, I can tell you that from experience. If you have to go more than 25 feet you might consider having a cased well drilled. Have two good pipe wrenches to connect the pipes and cap together.

Good Luck!


You may want to try a search on the old forum on water wells- water - low cost well etc- we had a lot there.



As mentioned, 25' is about as deep as a hand pump will work. Harbor Freight has a pitcher pump for $20 and a "farm" style for about $70. I paid less than $50 for a driving point/well screen a few years back.

I have found a great deal of information on the internet about driving/drilling water wells, so you may want to do more research.  Mother Earth News has a article about driven wells at

When I drove mine, I rented a homemade driving tool from a local hardware store, it was T shaped with a weight for driving the pipe. Be sure to tighten the pipes at the couplings often, since pounding loosens them.

I am having to move my well as part of my septic system installation and the health department will no longer accept a driven well. They now require a 6 inch cased well, so if you need permits, check the requirements first.

Whether you get water or not will depend on the geology of your property. Make sure you get it tested before consumption.

Shelley Perkins

You might want to talk to a well driller first.  A well-seasoned (no pun intended) one.  The old guys can generally tell you within a couple of feet how deep the water is.  Then, if they get the whole deal, prices on the pump and pressure tank are generally less.

You might want to hunt up someone who "witches".  The well guys generally know someone or often do it themselves.

I've done this....tho I was younger and in better shape.  You should be able to acquire the sand point and the pipe from an irrigation/well supply house.  They loaned us the driver.  Similar to a fence post driver, but heavier duty.

Tiring, but doable if you have more time than $$.  The point will perhaps plug depending upon your soil.  The fix around here is to drop some dry ice into it and cap the pipe.  Ours was for irrigation, so potability was not an issue.