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If you have a fast PC and a broadband connection you need to see what Goggle is doing with this new project.

Nothing short of mapping the entire earth in high resolution topography that you can explore like a video game.


Some people are using this as a tool for touring real estate locations.

"We used Google earth to get a better perspective of each property we were looking at.

In some cases, we were able to reject properties based on what we saw on Google earth (two of the places on our list, turned out to be less than a 1/2 mile from a major active land-fill - which we would not have know withou google earth.).

The realtor was amazed that we could pull up the kind of detail we could on our laptop (using Google Earth)."

Even if you're not looking for property it's a pretty neat thing to play with.  You can download a free trial version, it's pretty amazing.

Don't give google too much credit though, all they did was buy a company (Keyhole) that was already doing this.

Actually, even without that program you can find free satellite photographs of varying resolution for most of the country.  But that program is very nice to use though.  High resolution photos for most large metro areas and for some other areas as well.  Other areas are not in as great as detail but still very useful.

John, it's a pretty cool product...but, back when it was Keyhole, they had our entire island in high res. When Google Earth took over, so went the high res view of my place. Bah.

I guess I should go check to see if that's still true, I loved the old one.

Yep, still out of range. The only thing that really cheesed me about this was I paid for the Keyhole service specifically because my area was covered. Now, halfway through my fee, it's not, and Google couldn't have cared less when I contacted them.

"Do no evil" indeed. Oh, well.


Interesting issue with Keyhole. Let's hope Google soon adds back that and other high res images in the next round of updates. It would be nice for you to get the value you expected and deserve as an early adopter.


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