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Vertical Log Cabin

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Thanks for the speedy response!
So, I would use one rebar pin on each log to tie it to the horizontal log. How many "pins" do I use to tie each log to the vertical log beside it?

Nothing official here - just what works for me, but I would probably angle one over at a 45 degree angle to each next one , then when a bond beam log is put across the top horizontally, put another one from it to each of the verticals.  Tying endwalls and perpendicular interior walls to the sidewalls and bond beam will add strength - posssibly a lap joint of sorts running a beam across the center - possibly to the other side.  Maybe bottom half of sidewall beam remaining and top half of interior wall or endwall bond beam then spike the lap together.  - Like Lincoln logs for the top beams.  

Each rebar - say 1/2 inch dia should have around 10,000 lbs shear strength - rough guess - so one is pretty tough.  Pull out strength is probably less but I lifted a 500 lb or so log with one accidentally once and it didn't come out.

mountainmomma, looks like you are all done except for both ends and the middle.  :)
I think part of the beauty of using the plywood between logs is it would seal the horizontal opening between logs and provide a verticle chink joint backing as well as maintain alignment of the logs. Something to think about. You could still use your rebar pins top and bottom as Glenn said.

Good thing someone is thinking around here.  I forgot all about that one , desdawg.  I think that could be done pretty easily with a chainsaw to cut the groove in the logs.  I did a couple places that way to get a board into the side of the vertical log to seal around standard framing.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to sharethis picture with ya'll. We were trying to lift our 30ft. gin pole up using  a series of block and tackles eventually attached to my Ford F-250. The gin pole barely budged. But, this is what happened to the rebar that we'd pinned through the top if it. We had been hoping to hang the block and tackle off that rebar to move logs into place with. HA!


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