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Some help
« on: October 02, 2006, 10:48:01 AM »
Hello everyone,
My name is andy, and I would like to build a cabin.   Well more like a cottage.  We purchased an acre of land, and we found out that we need to build at least a 755sq/ft "dwelling"/cottage.  We are very new at this.  So our plan now is to make a clear the land of trees and make a building site, and driveway.  Then we will install a septic tank and a well.  I think we can make it up to this point ok, now comes the building.
We are on a small budget and I don't have much building experience.  I can read blueprints, electrical and pneumatic drawings, use precise levels and gauges, but I never even built a shed.  I think so far the best thing for us is a prefab home/cottage kit.  We were looking at some for like 30k that were a 988sq/ft. Has anyone every put one of these together?  I would do this with a couple of firends. I'm not sure how to make a foundation, that seems like the hardest part.  Other then permits, foundation and the kit are there any other cost we sould expect?
What kind of foundation do you need?


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Re: Some help
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2006, 01:19:07 PM »
Be sure to check out your separation distances between the well and the septic system.  If getting permits they will require the separation - if not for your own protection still do it right.

I think you will find that you will pay a premium price for a kit compared to getting a set of simple plans such as the ones John sells and you will likely have as many problems or more.  I'd suggest building a storage shed first to learn how to use your tools if possible.

I like to remove only the trees that are necessary as the rest are great for landscape, shade and privacy.  It takes a long time to get them back -- only a few minutes to cuut them down.

John's plans come with instructions for foundations -some have options for several types - even simple treated post and pier foundations.


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