Energy Efficient Home Plans

Started by MIEDRN, June 23, 2006, 01:50:03 PM

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I can't find a copyright on here anywhere although I would think it's implied. The first plan you find on this page is a full set of drawings with 23 pages of plans. Nice construction detail although if printed on 8x11 sheets, you may want a magnifying glass. I thought I could handle that! These may be a little bigger than what we want at 1100-1200 feet.

They are nice for getting building construction details especially for newbie's that are looking for this sort of thing! I'll post more as I research...if I find any!


Nice find Miedrn!

Steven Winter group probably did this under contract with the state of Nebraska and we can feel comfortable printing these out. The PDF printed at 11x17 on my Deskjet 1000C (max 13x19) but needs to taken to a blueprint shop if you want real 1/4" scale on the plans.

The drawings are labeled "Not for Construction unless stamped" - that's how they cover the liability issues. In most areas (including Nebraska) there would not likely be structural problems with the engineering as drawn. The truss roof is designed by the truss company for local snow loads.

Several interesting details, good information on OVE (24" o/c) framing, and a usable (if uninspired) floorplan,


If it's energy efficient construction details you are looking for; website has plenty of them.  Just look under the "Houses That Work" tab and you'll find plenty AND these tips are appropriate for the geographical area of the country you are building your house in.