Grandfather Crawlspace Foundation Plan Inconsistency?

Started by zpbruno, March 03, 2019, 07:47:45 PM

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1) The side wing on my set of Grandfather Cottage plans shows the addition at 16' wide like a Volks, instead of 14' wide I expected. Am I missing something?

2) While we're below the floor I have a question about the footings for the support posts under the central beam. With an insulated unvented crawlspace how far down might these need to go given a 4' frost line. Part of me says they only need to go to undisturbed soil, and another part says they need to go all the way down to frost line. I know that it's what the inspector thinks that matters but I when I go in to talk with them I want to at least appear to know what I am talking about.


2. I can't think of a specific exemption from placing internal footings below frost depth but I don't see them placed that deep. We usually just go to undisturbed soil. Frost heaving requires moisture and sub freezing ground temps so it sort of falls under the "unless other measures are taken" clause, ask first is always a good policy.