Author Topic: New build 24x36 plus 6x11 utility room  (Read 4528 times)

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Re: New build 24x36 plus 6x11 utility room
« Reply #50 on: February 23, 2019, 05:28:13 PM »
Weather can be quite strange, especially with different elevations.  My cabin lays in a kind of micro-climate it seems.  I live about 1h15 drive from the cabin (across the Canada/USA border).  At home we've been hit with 16" snowfalls in one day, must be about 4' deep in places.  Went to the cabin last weekend to take some measurements for the stove, roof was bare, field had the ends of the grass peeking through.  Such a difference in so little distance, but I am up in the mountains a bit (maybe 3800 ft) compared to home which is maybe at 160 feet above sea level.

Adam interesting you say that here where I live I can drive on one side of the mountain and it rains I cross the mountain and no rain. That happens all the time here. Gotta move nature


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