Rafter truss calculator and it's free !

Started by Jon G, May 07, 2017, 08:26:09 PM

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Jon G

www dot easyrafters dot com

So I am no way associated with easyrafters, but I have been using this site for around 5 years to build all sorts of different roofing. It allows you to do custom sizes, print plans, all sorts of stuff. So it says free 30 day trial but I have never paid for this and never had a problem.

Hope it helps someone out


EDIT by MtnDon..... The program does work, but as this does have an appearance of spam we are making the link inoperative. If anyone wants to go there just type it in .  When I tried the program almost 10 years ago it did stop working after 30 days. , so I have no idea what may be happening.

Jon G