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turning a Portable shed turned into cabin
« on: September 11, 2011, 01:20:07 PM »
Hello everyone!
  I found your site surfing the net looking at portabel storage barns.
I have a 30' motorhome at my uncles campground that we leave all year around there.It isn't road worthy but is decent inside but has water damage in the back.dual a/c units which only one works ,and a nice big Kohler powered generator.(which probably doesnt run)
Anyways I got the camper ,and site for helping build his house.
Now I am a millwright by trade and have built quite a few pole buildings and stuff plus remodeled some rooms.
Ok so here is my question to you guys.
Has anyone took a portable barn like the ones you see with the 4x4 skid runners and made a nice little cabin from one?Seems like all the ones here are permanent foundation type structures and larger than what I have planned.
I am looking at making and 10x30 or if my uncle allows a 12x30 with 7' cieling hieght and a gambrel roof.He thought the barn into a cabin idea was great.I just dont want to make this huge building to put out in the campground.I want to keep inline with the camper size.I plan to have a roll up door on one end so I can place my golf cart inside when I am away.The loft area for the kids to sleep.
my door would be on the eave side probably in the middle.
I also have plans to make and front porch to be able to get under in case of rain.Just like the awning of the camper.
Now I had planned to mount mine on a 2x4 steel tube frame .That way I can build it and then move it around with my skid steer at home,and then load it onto my deck over gooseneck to haul it to the campgrounds.I can then also hook to the frame to drag it into position with the winch on my truck.Plus I can also jack it up and level it.As my camp site runs down hill and i will be blocking it up on one side.
I also will be installing blac,and grey water tanks so I can have a shower,and toilet facilitys.
Anyone seen something simillar done?

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Re: turning a Portable shed turned into cabin
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2011, 04:32:20 PM »
Hi jackel  w*
Just some things to think about. The 2x4 tube frame sounds light, it will need to be sized to carry the building between whatever supports are under it and survive the rigors of moving...I'd double the loads to account for that.
Moving it is going to get into height restrictions so count on height of trailer deck, thickness of floor with tanks underbelly if they are going there, room height, thickness of loft floor, and gambrel roof height.

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Re: turning a Portable shed turned into cabin
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2011, 04:16:33 AM »
 Thanks for the reply.I had been rolling the steel tube frame idea around for strength and longevity. I had planned on having 4 runners under the building not just a perimeter frame.I had thought of using 3/16 or 1/4 wall tube.I know once the building is built on top of the frame it will be greatly reinforced due to the rest of the structure. I have watched videos of moving these large yard barns on the hydraulic trailers and it is quite amazing they don't flex more than they do with just the 4x4 wood runners underneath.
I got to thinking after my original post and your correct on a height.I have thought to just make an removeable axle and hitch. Then I can just tow it out to the campground.