Author Topic: Cedar Falls: Buisiness and rental property owners must give keys to city  (Read 1307 times)

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For their own safety of course....

"Ordinance #2740( An unfunded city-wide mandate) was passed with a resounding 6 to 1 vote, and it allows for the citizens of Cedar Falls, Iowa to forcefully give the government keys to their comercial properties through universal 'lock boxes'. The intent of the program is to provide increased safety and protection to personal, private property which include businesses, apartments and some rental houses-- which by the way-- comes at the expense of furthering wayward erosion of fundamental constitutional rights.

You might want to send a fax to the Cedar Falls City Council and let them know what you think of their statist plan to have access to private property in the name of 'protecting citizens'."
Often, our ignorance is not as great as our reluctance to act on what we know.

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This sort of thing is already the law in many large cities. The key boxes are usually only required on large commercial buildings. 

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We hope to elect good and rational folks at every election---sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't.  ???

Winston Churchill once said; "Americans will always do the right thing in the end but, not before trying all the other ways first."  (paraphrased)

If not before, there's another chance the next election.  ;D
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Now lives in St Augustine, Florida


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