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Started by youngins, February 04, 2007, 04:45:35 PM

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What about a new forum under General for educational topics.

For instance, I just discovered Simpson has a training facility here in town (McKinney, TX). I appears the one day siminars are free - so I am going to sign up for as many as I can.  I thought I would share my experiences on this board.

Just a thought....


Or a place to put the meaning of PEG's acronyms?


Why don't you go ahead and put your posting here then if necessary we will expand or move it later.

PEG's acronyms -- that's a hard one.

You know about his name PEG - right? and where that came from?  OK

Next -- Jonesy thought he was callng us My True Love - MTL, but research and asking PEG revealed that it was More Than Likely.  More research revealed that PEG was retired Navy and that if Jonesy or I picked on him too much, it wouldn't be healthy for us.  That's why we're both good buddies with him -- besides he's a great guy and for some unknown reason he also wants to spread his knowledge to the ones who need help. :)


You know about his name PEG - right? and where that came from?  OK

Nope.  I gotta ask.... where from?    :-[   poly ethylene glycol,     nah


I did not get that either...


Here the mystery is explained.

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Re: Ready to pull the trigger
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PEG is our male member.  That is his intials.   :)

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Re: Ready to pull the trigger
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 PEG 's my int's my sister got to name me and she a Margaret  / Peggy so last name starts with a G .  She thought it would be cool if my int's matched her nickmane   :)

   So the jigs up, I'm a he   :)    look close at the much to large / small on the net photo  :)  


Humm Glenn's got it sort of right. PEG = Paul Edward Girouard. Sister did the naming based , as family lore has it , on Peg her nick name from Margaret .  Hey and for a carpenter PEG works eh! I mark all my tools with PEG, I also include my driver's licence # my retired cop neighbor told me tools with driver's licence  # are much easier for law enforcement to trace back to the  owner.  

 BTW the 688 was just a number from a early pass word on a family AOL link site , it is easy for me to remember so I stuck it on the end of PEG to get the right # of letters for a password here on C/P's  

I did not retire from the USN but did serve 8 years , along with some misc. months as a USNR. All sea duty , maintaining EA-6B Prowler's here at beautiful NAS Whidbey Isl. NAS= Naval Air Station.   I was a E-6 / Petty officer first class  Aviation electrician's  mate .

  As far as acronyms go well NAVAIR ( Naval Aviation) and heck regular old black shoe navy likes them as well. There's a storey behind that as well . Aviation officer's  & Chief's E-7, 8 & 9's can wear Brown dress shoes , so if you ever meet a USN  officer or Chief Petty officer in uniform and he has brown shoes on , you'll know he is linked to Naval aviation as opposed to a , for lack of a better term , common Naval officer or Chief.  

 Most that I use on the forum are sort of common computer speak I think :-/

BTW = By The Way

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

LOL = Laugh Out Loud ( One I seldom if ever use)

DH = Dear Husband , maybe Dumb Husband  :-?, a lot of gals use this one  ;), YMMV depending on your husband . So as I also have been known to say" It depends"  ;D if you have a husband or are even a women. So as you can see MTL it will depend on this one.

G/L = Good Luck

MTL = More Than Likely ( [highlight]I think I coined this one [/highlight] :), so much we type about MTL could be , but it's just as likely there is a variant / other way to do it , but MTL if I tell you it how I do it,  it has been field tested and approved ;)    )

Chuffed = well pleased , right Jonsey! That Aussie speak  ;D

 So there you have the rest of the storey, from a Paul , just not a Paul Harvey ;D

See ya around campus ,

G/L PEG ;)



 BTW I didn't know you guys where talkin about me,  :o I seldom check this section of the forum.  :P


You have to at least take a quick look everywhere PEG.  You never know where Big Brother will pop up next. ;D


Nah,  that's  yer job Mister Administrator ;)

And you do it so well  ;) You keep us all safe from spammer's and lil Asia men with large ... ;)


Chickens, PEG.  Large male chickens. :-/

You got that right.  I have them fairly well under control since I started checking out all new suspicious members.  I'm kind of my own little NSA -- just keep the high quality ones -- throw the rotten apples out.  :)

I feel it gives you more time to pass out that high quality assistance.


...back to the Education forum idea, I think it would be an interesting addition to what is already one of the best hands on no nonsense sources of practical building information around. In most cases, kids are not exposed to woodwork, basic construction or anything else during their early school years, and even in High school in most cases. ..these subjects have given way to more touchy-feely items such as Safe Bicycle Use, Pet Care and Stranger Danger... :-/


When I was in school we had  those topics but the other kids called anybody who took practical trade education classes nerds - etc.  

...but -- better a nerd than an idiot.  I took them all.

The real values need to be presented in a better light before most of the kids will take an interest in this type of class.  All emphasis by much of the faculty is more on sports, cheerleading, college, etc. than how to make a living if you don't go to college.

In my opinion, US public schools are more geared toward making cannon fodder for the elite's wars than on people who can think for themselves.