Spam attack Sunday evening

Started by jraabe, June 11, 2006, 10:06:14 PM

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You may have experienced the porn attack this evening (complete with pictures!). There were over 85 posts to all of the forum threads posted between 7:24 and 7:31 pm. I have blocked the sender and deleted all the posts I could find.

I have also increased the time between additional posts from the same IP address so that it will not be so easy to spam so quickly. Normal posting to several threads should not be a problem.

Maybe Glenn or others will have some additional ideas about spam controls.

I am very sorry if you were one of the viewers of this and thanks to Paul Gerrard for informing me quickly.

Here is my phone number in case you need to call me and leave a message on another attack:
360-221-5535.  John Raabe


I think we're making them mad.

There is also a pre-registration step I did not activate -- not sure what all it does.


He was back -- used my name again--- he really loves me-----

26 postings with pictures of him.  Little fellow --- I'd be ashamed.

I blocked all of the ranges he is in as Hawaii Telecom won't do anything about him.


Thanks Glenn: I just sent you an email asking about the stuff you just posted here.

The little bugger seems to have too much time (and other things) on his hands!

I'm wondering if Chuck or any of the other members with forum software experience have used vBulletin -

It was the other software I was considering before selecting YABB. I wonder if they are open to such attacks as well. I have contacted them about what would be involved in a conversion.


I woke up a little early today so I thought I'd check out the forums and enjoy my coffee before work.   You gotta wonder what would make some looser go out of thier way and post crap like that.  This is a benign place with laid back folks who don't seem to want to offend anyone.  Just baffling.


QuoteYou gotta wonder what would make some looser go out of thier way and post crap like that.  

My theory is that they figure if a bunch of people see it, maybe a few will go look at the link.


Thanks for all the suggestions and thanks especially to Glenn for his wisdom and unfailing help - even denying himself the luxury of SLEEP!

There is now a 30 second time delay between making separate posts to a topic... That will give us all time to contemplate  :D and, more importantly, discourage a twitchy hacker.


Thanks for the support, John and everybody.  I may have got the worst one.  While I screen all new members now note that I am not online all the time so an occasional one will slip past but they will only get one chance to post.


It's a shame such people cannot find a more constructive use of their allotted time.
It also seems strange that Hawaii Telecom shows no interest, since §711-1106 of the Hawaii statutes specifically prohibits harassment via the telephone system, which of course today includes most  internet traffic.
Ah, well, I guess it requires someone to give a hoot.
Anyway, semper custodii gratias!  [smiley=laugh.gif]


In reading more of the information posted in support I found that they did take him down for a few hours after other complaints were called in by phone.  I didn't try that but seem to have the a few avenues blocked for him.

De nada, Billy Bob.  (I'm getting in practice) :)


I wonder if Seth , John's kid , is blocked ? He's in hawaii isn't he  :-/


Glenn said he checked & Seth isn't blocked.   :)


Not even if he posts under the name Maui Waui again?



I think we have his number now.  He'll just have to come back as himself.   :D

In spammer news, I added a modification to the forum software that will help us prevent some spammers from even getting a membership.  It will save me about 30 miinutes a day at this time checking out new members who register only to spam, blocking and deleting them.  New members from certain domains used almost completely by spammers can no longer register.



 I think we have his number now.  He'll just have to come back as himself.   :D

         Seth's  :-/ :-/                                  Just kidding  ::)


Guess I didn't make that clear but yes -- Seth's --- I don't think we need the Asian man back. :o


Oh so Maui Wowie is blocked  :-/ :-/


No - I checked --He's not blocked ---he can come back as Maui Wowee or Seth.  We'll know who it is either way---- I don't think John will though. ;D

Asain man is blocked.  I didn't think he was big enough to hang out with us. :-/


Note that you will more often now, notice a new member then see that they are gone.

This is because I am throwing out the trash.

New members who register with a false e-mail address are usually spammers and will not get their password to post here anyway.

That tells me they are too dumb to be here so I remove them.  If their email brings up a pill or porn reference they will be removed also.

I wasted my time writing this because they wasted their time registering.

I don't want our membership list to reflect a false sense of popularity.  Only real members with a real interest in our forum are wanted here.

If you are a guest with a true interest in this forum, please register and comment.  The above actions are being taken just so you will be assured of having a nice place to communicate and learn without the trash the spammers post. :)

If for some reason there is a misunderstanding and you are accidently removed please e-mail me at ** (remove asterisks) and and I will review the situation.



A month has gone by since this post... have you had to do much spam work? I haven't.

Even if so, I doubt we should post a sign -  :)  "Mission Accomplished!"  :)



I have not had to remove any spam although I am now screening new members as much as possible and removing and blocking those with a history of posting spam that is identifiable.

The last improvement helped- blocking trash e-mail domains--  I remove a couple of potential spammer members a week.  Just pre-emptive strikes -- not "Mission Accomplished" but I'd say , much improved. :)  Dang it-- I think I missed the photo op there somewhere. :-/

Note -- I'm on dial up tonight and working late so my visit is a bit abbreviated. :-/


Looks like we've been hit again!!



Under control for now - thx, Glenn