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Started by glenn-k, February 16, 2006, 12:12:59 AM

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There are other ways to do this but here is one that will work with tools that should already be on your computer.  This will work with other objects on your computer also.

QuoteHow do I get my floor plan from 3DHA to here? Tried a couple times last night and I couldn't figure it out.

QuoteI had to run through the procedure to be able to tell you what to do - had a bit of a time remembering.

Open the view you want in 3DHA - full screen   - hit control or alt-print screen  -- on my laptop I have to hold down the function button to get the blue keys that has print screen.  That puts it on your clipboard -

Open  Paint- in Accessories -- hit edit/paste -- that will show the page on your paint screen - get the rectangle select tool - select the portion of the drawing you want -- edit/cut -   file/new -- paste the cut into the new screen -- name it and save as JPEG to your desktop or some place you can find it--- put on photobucket per picture posting directions  -- copy img tags - put into Countryplans posting.


Per Daddymem Gadwin Printscreen - Freeware will save a step.

Here is a link - nice small program

Gadwin Printscreen


I use SnagIt everyday. It does so much of this type of work. Here is a link to a free trial version.

Here is a capture of an alternative version of a 16' wide studio cottage I'm working on. The structural layout is in the Victoria Cottage Plans set.

I used Snagit (via the PrtScr key) to copy the part of the 3DHA screen I wanted. Then Snagit resized the image (to 850 pixels wide) and saved it to the desktop where I used ImageShack to host it via their linking URL (which I pasted into this message between the picture frame tags).

Do you want to play with this house?

Download the zip file: http://www.countryplans.com/Downloads/16x28-cottage.zip
Save it and extract the three files into a folder. Then open the PL1 file from within 3DHA ver 3.

For those who are PlanHelp members I have added a more detailed 3DHA file along with framing details for a craftsman overhang at the front wall. See that zipped download file HERE.

Have fun!


Try Webcam Video Capture. It is very good and clean.

I am using it even now, and I don't have a single unpleasent situation with it.

Try it and then you can thank me

You can download the latest version form http://www.webcamsimulator.com

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Edited to allow review before download.  Glenn


Thanks, Ane.

I edited it to allow review before download since this only works for 30 days before they have to pay a fee.

As a side note, Gadwin Print Screen is free and does a great job.