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Started by crkgrl, July 18, 2011, 07:59:14 AM

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Hello to everyone.  So glad I found this forum.  Totally new to creating a cottage/cabin get away.

The family has some existing property and utilities on site.  My site is probably 150-200 feet from the current septic tank and water line.  There is a utility electric pole behind my site.  I am trying to figure out how to run an extended water line to my project and if I can utilize the septic tank from such a far away location.  Other family members will be bringing a double wide to a spot between my site and the existing utilties. So they will be extending to their site.  I am hoping to piggy back on their efforts.  I was present when we laid the current water line so have a pretty good idea how that will work.  (Dig a trench, lay the pipe etc).  Less clear on how, and if, I can connect to the septic.  There are virtually no zoning laws where we are, so no worries, but of course I want to construct something that will work.  Thanks so much for any help.   ???


First off welcome.   w*

As a favor please use your profile button and list a area where this is all taking place.  This not because we are nosy.  It is so we do not go off talking about frost depth and you are in central Florida.  Or we assume you are in central Florida and you are doing this the high line of Montana.    

If this all has to be done to code, I doubt you could 'tap into a septic system', if it is located on an all ready existing dwelling.   My location septic systems are specced to number of bed rooms on the septic permit.  Do not count temporary drops ie RV hoop ups unless they are full time.  You might argue that this is not a full time residence or something like that.  Here that is all taken care of by the State Health Dept.  Most issues are easily taken care of or you will know if this is 'do able' or not very quickly.  They will not budge much at all.  But you can ask.  Here also they will take you right to the code section and explain it all to you.      

Next if you use te existing septic system your other family members double wide can not be located over the top of your sewer line if I remember correctly.  If this is a high frost area you should avoid driving over them as well.  This is because the frost will go down further in those areas where driven.  You can not route a road over a drain field as well    

Next thing to mention is stuff runs down hill.  If your share of the property is below the existing septic system your will be looking at two or three options.  One pumping, two your very own septic tank to buy and own YAAA!!  I have a whole litany of where your very own septic system can be located.  Really where it can not be located is closer to the truth.  Third a composting toilet and handling your gray water separate.  Not my choice, but many here have them and have very good luck with them.  

As far as the power is concerned.  Power is very fluid goes up hill and down hill.  Myself I like burial because no one is backing into the power pole.  No one is catching low hanging wire.  

Tapping into an existing water line is no problem.  More or less as you say dig a trench, if there is a lot of rock in the area I would bed the pipe with sand and a little over the top as well, then back fill.  It most likely is pressurized and goes up hill and down hill just like electrical.

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Rick, Thanks for the quick reply.  I am in Northern Kentucky.  Changed the profile.  This is typically a spring, summer, fall residence only, although I usually visit all months but Dec and Jan.

I cant emphasis enough the "hands off" attitude of the local officials, if there are any.  In this particular instance,  might be a plus.  Would be interested in pursuing the compost toilet and gray water scenario although septic would probably be preferred in the long run

I see your points about driving over existing septic, etc though.  I might be down the path of my own septic at some point in time.  Would be a plan to share a new septic with the double wide folks.  Most of the property is in the 100 year flood plain. Not sure what that means as far as septic.  Current is in flood plain.

Do you have to know the exact location of your structure before running a water line or building a septic?  I could be within in a few feet, but it may be many years before the structure actually gets built.

Thanks again for the help.