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Can't get there from here. Crossing 20' stream?

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I came across a piece of land with a nice bold trout stream that is about 20' wide bank to bank.  No rocks in it to step on.  From the road, the stream is about 25' in with some decent sized trees on each side of the stream.  There is a nice building spot for a small rustic getaway cabin on the other side.  Can't get there from here.

Spent some time asking about what it would cost and take permit wise to build a bridge.  Way too expensive and a hassle with permits, surveys, etc. 

Wondering if anyone has seen, or theorized, a zip-line type contraption where you could create a basket/box that you could stand up in to get back and forth across the stream.  Maybe a cable with a rope pully system or something like that?  Just curious as I have seen some lots with beautiful streams where there is not enough land to build near the road, but when you get on the other side there is space for a rustic cabin. 

Homemade aerial tram...  sorta like what I was thinking...


Your creek may be similar in flow to Dukes Creek in Georgia's Smithgall Woods State Park.  Four of their rental cabins/lodges are accessible only by crossing Dukes Creek.  There is an elevated foot bridge.  Other than that, you drive across the creek.  The paved roadway leads right up to one, of several, natural flat granite shelves along the creek.  They improved the situation by laying down reinforced concrete "planks" ... each approx. 12 ft. long by 1-1/2 ft. wide by several inches thick.  The planks are gapped by a few inches, this allows a good bit of water to flow below the top surface of the planks.  But usually there is a few inches of water flowing above the planks, making it look a bit treacherous. The girl passengers always scream as I dash across.  It can be a bit nervy crossing, but thinking rationally, you realize there is little risk of being swept downstream.  Unless the water gets high enough to hit the rocker panel, there is little sideways force.

You would think a photo of a car crossing the creek would be interesting.  But if you look at the Kazillion photos at their website ... not one such photo!  In fact, you have to look down over several photos to finally see just one of the pavement ending at waters' edge.

I wonder if you did something to improve the surface of your creek bed, you might not be wiser to design an open spoked wheeled wagon that can be guided along a steel cable, but pulled across with in-place pull ropes.  You might have to have steerable axles at each end, but other than that ... you might have a load bearing functional solution.  Just thinking.

JRR - thanks for the info and ideas.  That's a pretty interesting concept though I don't think I can put something in the stream bed (or would want to).   A contraption that rolls across with spoke wheels is a possibility but it would depend on a lot of factors.  That GA park is beautiful.


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