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Started by Adam Roby, August 22, 2022, 08:07:28 AM

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Adam Roby

I have been contemplating how to deal with a pretty severe Raccoon problem at my cabin.
During the height of COVID-19, the borders were closed so I did not have access to my cabin in NY state for over 2 years.
When I finally got there, I saw that the raccoons has dug through my roof to get access into the cabin.
I put a temporary patch using plywood and rubberized spray, but after two weeks when I went back they had started a new hole next to the original one.  Before I put too much money or effort in replacing the roof only to be torn apart again, I need to find a way to deter them.

I have no electrical, but have a panel in the window which seems to keep my 12V batteries fully charged (controller always shows full charge) to run my LED lights.  I am contemplating a 12V electric fence energizer, and running a single (or dual) like around the perimeter of the cabin but on the wall right before the eve.  They need to climb the wall to get access to the roof, so they would have to cross that electric line before reaching the roof.   This should deter them, or make them dig up the floor instead of the roof...  but I need to do something, and I don't have access to any firearms there being a Canadian.  

Has anyone had any success trying something similar?  Since it is a very short distance, just once around the cabin, I am hoping to find a small unit that isn't too expensive and can run on a single battery and small panel.  I might also run a line around the base of the cabin to keep them from crawling under it, depending on the unit I find.


I have been researching trying to keep mice out of an off grid - seldom visited wooden shed/cabin and there appears to be 3 ways you can do it:  electricity, smells and sounds.   I have a friend that has successfully used a solar powered electric fence to keep critters out of his veggie garden and away from his fruit trees.  They are very industrious though... and he had to tinker with the height setting because they dug under the electric fence once. 

Not sure if that helps.  Let us know if what you do works... curious to see what is successful or not..