Jeromesville Ohio, 50x30

Started by w1ck3tt, September 26, 2016, 12:48:36 PM

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Everything looks great.  That vanity worked out really well too!  Nice job. 


It feels like I spent a crazy amount of time this weekend at the house, but it feels like not much to show!  However, I got most of the rest of the flooring complete.

Don't have a pic yet of the master bath, but I layed the tile Saturday evening.

Finished the loft flooring Friday night, now need to do the railing:

And nearly finished the great room flooring, where the fire place will be.  The area by the door will have tile, as will the Hearth:

Tonight is tiling the shower, and prepping master bedroom for flooring, which will happen in the next few days.
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Got pics of the bathrrom floor and started the shower, but ran out of steam to finish it, and thinset - so will finish the other half this evening:

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More progress!

Finished laying the last of the flooring (with the exception of the tile at the entry door, will do that after we move in):

And the shower tile is done - I was short, so I didn't want to cut trim pieces for the right side, will just fill with grout and the shower walls will hide that for the most part ;p

Tonight, we grout, paint tub surround, and areas around tub that needed touched up.  Also, going to hang the last two doors up stairs.  I'm off tomorrow to do some finishing work stuffs (fix leaky drains at bathroom sink, affix butcher block top to the island, floor trim work at walls, add master toilet, add shower walls, possibly hang pantry barn door and build a temp wall on the dining room area that we are finishing later (will be my tool room until that time comes), and start packing tools away)

We start moving in Saturday!
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Looks great!  I didn't think I was a fan of the wood-look tile, but your installation makes it work.  Do you get any sleep?   :)
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Quote from: ChugiakTinkerer on October 19, 2017, 11:14:43 AM
Looks great!  I didn't think I was a fan of the wood-look tile, but your installation makes it work.  Do you get any sleep?   :)

I was on the fence with the wood tile as well, but glad we did it!  I do wish I had a different tile for the shower, but trying not to spend anymore $$ at this point, so using what we got leftovers of works.  Plus, the wife likes it, so we're good! 

As for sleep - we move in this weekend...I can sleep soon I think - got winter coming first though, so I gotta get the heat tape on the underneath exposed pipes, and seal them up somehow (thinking of building a frame around them, wrapping in plywood and tyvex or something, and stuffing that with left over insulation).  And need more firewood!  Once that stuff is done, I can sleep ;)
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Well, we moved in as scheduled!  One major hiccup though, I took Friday off to get some stuff buttoned up and the master bath toilet gave me fits!  Originally, we weren't going to go with tile in the bathroom.  So I installed the toilet flange to the sub floor thinking we were going to use waterproof hardwood laminate.  Later, we found a really good deal on the wood tile so we just had to do that!  Now, the toilet flange was 3/4" below the surface of tile (1/4" backer board, 1/2" tile).  I used 3 1/4" flange extenders, silicone sealed the crap out of them (no pun intended) and sat the toilet on the flange with the wax ring.  All seemed well, the toilet was sitting flush on the tile, no movement detectable, and everything was working.  I leave the bathroom to go start another project, come back 15 minutes later and the base of the toilet was just seeping water.   Great, remove toilet, inspect everything, which all seemed fine, replaced the wax ring and tried again - same problem.  Added another 1/4" flange extender, but now the toilet isn't sitting flush on the floor.  Oh well, I'll shim it I thought.  Nope - same problem, water just seeping out.  6.5 hours, 4 wax rings wasted, and 2 trips to home depot, and I finally noticed something - when the water was seeping, the toilet was running, like it was loosing water.  This didn't make any sense to me.  Removed toilet, set some counter weighted 2x4's out on the porch, and put the toilet over the edge of the porch.  Had my wife run water into the bowl and before it got even close enough to come out the drain, I saw this:

Water was leaking from an upper chamber towards the front of the toilet.  You can't see any cracks anywhere at all.  Well, another trip to Home Depot for a new toilet and 10 minutes to install and viola!  A leak free toilet.  Thought I was losing my mind!

Anyhow, everything else went without a hitch, 3 trips to storage locker (one more to go to finish it off) and several to my parents need done yet, but we are moved in.  Spent the last two nights there.

Still need railings on the loft:

Notice my entryway to the unfinished side of the house ( the dining room and my office eventually), just put up a 2x4 wall, some leftover drywall sheets, and made a makeshift door to seal that area off so the cats aren't rummaging through (walls are still open, so insulation is showing, not to mention all my tools and wood working stuff's are in there.  Will use that area to finish up the trim work, and whatever odds/ends we need to do, before we finish off that end).  We have a china hutch that will mostly hide that unfinished drywall, so no worries there:

And, all that work make kitty tired:
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Not a lot of updates, just been unpacking/settling/discovering things that have been boxed up for the last 4 years!  I did get and installed the fireplace last night finally, and wired up the last and most likely final electric circuit (Front door/porch area).  Otherwise, things are going well.

Its a mess, as we are unpacking during the evenings after work, but for short times.  Maybe one day we will have it all finished up!

Oh, and I can't forget Buddy(right of the fireplace), our black lab.  He sleeps in his cage at night inside during this time of year.

Front Porch lights:

and again, but here you can see my security light on the wood boiler:

And the boiler, doing its thing:

I love the boiler!  We've not had to use any propane yet, and the house has stayed warmer than I typically prefer it to.  Also, we don't run out of hot water with it running too! (we did run out of hot water the first few nights, when my wife filled up the bath tub and I took a shower right after....but not with this thing fired up!).  Between that and the fireplace, we will hopefully never touch the propane, unless of course we run out of wood....but that is what the propane is there for!
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