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Graywater (Kitchen Sink) Filtration system ?


Has anyone developed a simple system for filtering graywater (kitchen sink) water so that when it exits the filter it meets water quality standards to be used for irrigation or non-potable uses?  I was researching some land in VA and was told that because kitchen sink water can have food particles in it - they require a professionally designed and buried filtration system - even if the place is used one day per year.  That would be for a place that has running water or even if you bring water in on the occasional weekend. 

After doing some quick web research, there are all kinds of DIY graywater systems out there - but I'd like to find out if anyone has come up with something simple that takes the water and expels it without any soap residue or food particles.  This would be for a place used occasionally on weekends where water is brought in or taken from a lake or stream. 

Never heard of a DIY system that would do that reliably. Our city has a big system that cost millions. The water is re-used for some city park irrigation as well as pumping/reinjecting about a million gallons a day back into the aquifer.

Ernest T. Bass:
I'm not too worried about codes here.. We have a DIY grease-trap, and then the kitchen sink grey water goes to a shallow pond with a lot of vegetation. We only use natural, biodegradable soap. Been working good for years..


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